9 Best Forex Brokers That Are Recommended For Day Trading

9 Best Forex Brokers That Are Recommended For Day Trading

What’s up Traders, in this article, we’re going to be talking about 9 Best Forex Brokers That Are Recommended For Day Trading. In terms of internet brokers, day traders often know exactly what they want.

They choose brokerages that are dependable, offer quick, high-quality execution, and are inexpensive. Platforms for day trading are made to draw in traders who are particularly active on a typical stock market day. 

In their average portfolios, they begin with no positions, and because they trade so often, they have completed all of their transactions by the end of the day.

Some day traders use a chart to manually execute trades one at a time, hour by hour. Others set up an automated system to create buy and sell orders for them. 

Day traders are more concerned in liquidity, trading volume, price volatility, and emerging daily trends that have the potential to significantly affect a stock’s price than they are in fundamental data.

A day trader’s general rule of thumb is to use a broker that charges by the share. Investors typically prefer brokerages that charge per trade. However, traders demand hourly reports on purchasing power and margin.

Day traders must therefore be able to place orders quickly, even skipping the trade confirmation step and entering trades with a custom size. It is also common knowledge that day traders invest a lot of money.

If you are a successful day trader, you can enjoy some incredible advantages. You can be liberated, as Trading for a Living’s author Alexander Elder put it. 

You have the freedom to live and work wherever. You don’t have to answer to anyone and can be autonomous from routine.

What are the top brokers for day trading then? Let’s investigate.


Which Broker is the Best for Day Trading?

My decisions were based on brokerages with a reputation for quick and accurate trade executions that offered advantages for day traders, such as the ability to place numerous orders at once and the choice of which trading venues will process the transaction. 

In order to help day traders buy and sell even faster, the brokerage should also provide bespoke trading settings.

The top online brokers for day trading are listed below:


9 Best Forex Brokers for Day Trading


  3. XM




With a solution from the top developers in the world, InstaForex gives you access to the market directly while facilitating trading through the biggest counteragents.

Although InstaForex was founded in 2007 and has its headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus, it serves clients all over the world.

As a broker governed by EU regulations since 2015, InstaForex has solidified its place in the trading sector. Many traders have faith in this broker.

Utilizing ECN technology, InstaForex gives customers access to a variety of assets, including US synthetic shares, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, currency, and share baskets.

All of these assets are available as CFDs. More than 2,500 different trading instruments are readily available in total.

At this time, more than 7 million traders have chosen InstaForex, which is a remarkable number.

The main goal of InstaForex is to treat every trader fairly at all times while offering a wide range of services. 

Along with excellent technical solutions, some of the best trading conditions available on the market, and other benefits, the broker also offers personalised customer care and extensive educational resources to each client.

Over 2,500 instruments are available through the worldwide brokerage InstaForex. Over seven million customers receive excellent all-around service from the businesses grouped under this brand, which offers FX and CFD trading. 

Additionally, InstaForex has a CySEC licence and a number of well-known advertisers, including FC Borussia Dortmund.

Learn more about this global trading platform by reading my in-depth evaluation, and find out if InstaForex is a good fit for you.


Company Information


  • Trading Platforms
  • Assets
  • Commission & Spreads
  • Leverage
  • Mobile Apps
  • Payment Methods
  • Demo Account
  • Offers & Promotions
  • Regulation & Licensing
  • Extraordinary Qualities
  • Copy Trading
  • Account Types
  • Benefits
  • Drawbacks
  • Trade Times
  • Customer Support
  • Security & Safety
  • INSTAFOREX Conclusion

InstaForex debuted in the financial industry in 2007. The brand has developed through time and now has representative offices and locations all over the world, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland.

The company has also put a lot of effort into spreading its name by forming alliances with a variety of sports organisations and athletes, including Borussia Dortmund, Ole Einar Bjrndalen, Daria Kasatkina, Ales Loprais, Vladimr Moravk, HKM Zvolen, and others.

Instant Trading EU LTD is one of the InstaForex brand members. With its corporate headquarters in Cyprus, this corporation specifically serves the EU market. Importantly, InstaForex EU is fully compliant with European laws and is overseen by the CySEC.

The usage of several data centres and more than 30 industry awards show that InstaForex is a significant player in the trading sector and has no intention of letting up any time soon.


Note: Some features are not available for European users. They don`t have PAMM, ForexCopy and…. on InstaForex EU. And InstaForex EU very different from InstaForex for Asia, South America and Middle East.


Trading Platforms

InstaForex has chosen to stick with the classic approach by providing MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, unlike many other online brokers and services that offer their own unique version of trading platforms.

The download for MT4 and MT5 is quick and easy. Both platforms come with a variety of user-friendly analysis tools, such as built-in and custom indicators, pending order types, expert advisers, and market signals. 

Additionally, InstaForex offers plugins that it has created itself, such Superior Forex Desk and One Click Trading.

The fact that InstaForex employs these platforms will be a big plus for traders who like the design, setup, and familiarity with MetaTrader. The Client Cabinet also provides versatility.

The sophisticated, well-invested trading platforms MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 provide almost everything a trader might possibly need.



As the brand’s name implies, InstaForex primarily functions as a forex broker, offering a wide range of diverse assets to complement the forex products.

The platform currently offers traders access to over 100 different currency pairs, enabling a full and thorough portfolio diversification.

In addition, the broker offers its clients access to a greater variety of instruments, including contracts for difference (CFD) trading for equities, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies (CFDs). 

Live account members can also purchase ETFs, US synthetic stocks, and initial public offerings.


Commission & Spreads

Spreads and commissions are used by InstaForex, as they are by the great majority of online broker services, and they vary depending on the exact account you hold.

Read the Account Types section below for a complete review to learn more about the InstaForex account structure in detail.

ECN, ECN Pro, and ECN VIP are the three separate ECN account alternatives that are offered by the platform. The minimum deposit requirement and commission fees are the two key distinctions between these accounts. 

The Pro or VIP solution may provide the greatest trading circumstances for experienced traders. All three choices provide competitive, tiered commissions and spreads starting at 0.1 pip.



The logical availability of leverage is one advantage of using InstaForex for online trading. The highest leverage allowed is 1:30, which complies with EU rules on retail FX clients. 

Traders who meet the requirements for professional status may additionally use leverage of up to 1:500.


Mobile Apps

Due to InstaForex’s support for the well-known MT4 and MT5 systems, traders can access their trades from a mobile device and enjoy all the advantages of mature, well-developed platforms.

Customers of InstaForex can trade using the MobileTrader app, which is accessible through the iOS App Store and Google Play. The traders have given this app positive reviews and good ratings.

InstaForex also provides the Forex Portal App, which gives real-time quotations, in-depth analysis, trading signals, and other helpful information, as well as the Forex Courses App, which is ideal for novices.

With the variety of tools and features it provides to mobile customers, InstaForex is more established than some desktop-only platforms.


Note: I’ll earn a referral fee (No any extra fee for you) if you sign up with them. But they are reliable in my opinion (as of this writing). I always want and find the best for you so that you don’t get into trouble.


Payment Methods

To give their traders options that work for just about everyone, everywhere in the world, InstaForex offers a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods.

All deposits are fee-free, but the payment processing system may impose fees for withdrawals. Among the payment options are:

  • Neteller
  • Sofort
  • Bank cards
  • B2BinPay
  • Bitcoin via Skrill
  • Bank wire transfers
  • MoneyBookers/Skrill

The broker allows deposits in CZK, EUR, USD, PLN, and GBP, and all payments are completed on the following business day.


Get trading with INSTAFOREX in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create INSTAFOREX Account Click Here

For Create INSTAFOREX EU Account Click Here


Demo Account

Demo accounts are accessible for free with InstaForex, allowing novice or rusty traders to hone their techniques and become familiar with the interfaces. 

To give you a good impression of how trading could appear and feel in real life, the demo account is loaded with fake money.

Giving the paper trading account account a go is a terrific way to get back into the swing of things and grasp the various features on offer for individuals who are new to trading or those who have been away for some time.


Offers & Promotions

There are no discounts or promos readily available for traders living in Europe due to the regulatory constraints for brokers operating in the EU. The ESMA no longer permits welcome bonuses.

However, foreign traders who sign up at instaforex.com have access to a variety of monthly incentives in addition to membership and deposit bonuses.

Terms and conditions will apply; carefully review them to make sure they won’t affect your trading strategy or decisions.


Regulation & Licensing

EU clients are served by Instant Trading EU Ltd., a member of the global brand InstaForex. This business was established in Cyprus and is subject to CySEC regulation under licence number 266/15.

You may therefore bet on the best execution policy and negative balance protection when opening an account with this broker. 

Also take note that this broker participates in the Investor Compensation Fund, meaning that qualifying clients can get up to 20,000 EUR in compensation in the event of insolvency. 

Additionally, the company is under the watchful eyes of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, the Slovak National Bank, and the Czech National Bank (CNB) (KNF).

From a regulatory standpoint, InstaForex meets all the requirements.


Extraordinary Qualities

InstaForex provides a number of useful services. Financial news and market research are helpful to traders, and the company employs more than 30 forex experts who offer daily market insights. 

Additionally, the broker’s website features a TV component with market reviews, economic news, and video analytics. 

InstaForex provides video tutorials and downloadable training materials for novices. Finally, both new and experienced investors can attend online webinars.


Copy Trading

The usage of social trading is one aspect that is spreading throughout the sector. With ForexCopy, InstaForex offers its take on a social trading platform.

This approach gives traders the opportunity to share their strategies while also enabling other parties to make money via commissions within the site.

This is a significant benefit for seasoned traders and one that shouldn’t be overlooked by specialists wishing to test out a new broker.

Beginners may find that copy trading using the ForexCopy system is a fantastic way to begin their trading career because they can watch as deals are copied to their accounts and learn from more seasoned traders.


Account Types


  • Standard
  • Eurica
  • The VIP Accounts (Only INSTAFOREX EU)

InstaForex provides traders with a customised experience by offering a variety of account types:


Note: Some features are not available for European users. They don`t have account types: Standard, Eurica.



Standard accounts, the go-to option for the great majority of traders, include all the essential features a regular user may need or require, with the added advantage of allowing them to adjust their leverage and deposit size.



The Eurica account is a suitable solution for beginning traders because no spreads are necessary. On all trades, fixed costs are charged.

The currencies EUR, USD, and GBP are all accepted. Additionally, there are no payment caps.



ECN accounts are made for advanced traders who want more freedom in market executions and access to all trading functions without paying commissions. 

Holders of ECN accounts can access raw spreads starting at 0.1 pip, and the minimal deposit is 100 EUR.



Nearly all of the capabilities of an ECN account are available in ECN Pro. This account type is not appropriate for fair-weather traders due to the minimum deposit requirement of EUR 1,000.

Similar to the ECN account, this account uses market execution as opposed to instant performance for execution types. The distinction in this case is a lower floating spread that begins at 0.1 pip.


The VIP Accounts (Only INSTAFOREX EU)

The most discerning customers’ needs are catered to while creating VIP accounts. InstaForex treats its VIP customers well, providing exclusive trading conditions:

  • Personal account manager
  • No withdrawal or deposit costs
  • No cost VPS server
  • Reasonable trading costs, including low commissions and raw spreads


Get trading with INSTAFOREX in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create INSTAFOREX Account Click Here

For Create INSTAFOREX EU Account Click Here



The advantages of using InstaForex, a reputable forex trading platform, are numerous.

Different account types are provided to accommodate all sorts of traders, and the platform also provides a free demo so you may familiarise yourself with the programme before making a purchase.

Since InstaForex uses MT4 and MT5, switching to this brand won’t be difficult for many people because everything functions precisely the same.

Not to mention that there are 2,500 instruments and a tonne of online courses available for beginners. 

Clients gain access to five deposit currencies and Investor Compensation Fund participation (ICF). The extensive EU regulation also offers a wider variety of possibilities for traders who aren’t always in one place.

InstaForex can be the best option for you if you’re seeking for a solid platform with lots of options.



While there are many positive aspects of InstaForex to take into account, it’s important to also be aware of its shortcomings.

Due to InstaForex’s decision not to develop their own unique system, the final product is less polished and on-brand, which many traders today look for in trading platforms.

Not to mention that MT4 and MT5 are less equipped than more advanced models, which results in a more constrained experience and a lack of their remarkable capability.


Trade Times

With the exception of weekends and infrequent major public holidays, InstaForex provides trading around-the-clock.


Customer Support

InstaForex provides a custom portal and online form for customers to contact their support staff.

On their website, a variety of technical assistance choices for WhatsApp, live chat for Telegram, Viber, and Skype, and other services are also included with specifics. 

Additionally, InstaForex has offices in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland, providing local language support.

There are numerous ways to get in touch with technical support, client relations, their finance department, and partner relations, all of which are covered in the Contact Us section of instaforex.eu.


Security & Safety

InstaForex uses a level of protection comparable to banking procedures to give its customers with acceptable financial and technological security. 

The usage of two-factor authentication, anti-phishing tools, and segregated accounts for high-value deposits are all included in this.


The key facts about INSTAFOREX EU


  • Broker type: CFD broker
  • Deposit currencies: CZK, EUR, USD, PLN, GBP
  • Minimum account size: 200 EUR
  • Spread: zero spreads on crypto and from 0.1 pips on other instruments
  • Additional charges: No (for FX)
  • Leverage size: Up to 1:30 (up to 1:500 for professional clients or 1:100 for Polish Experienced)
  • Trading instruments: Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, US Synthetic Stocks, Shares Baskets
  • Supported platforms: MT4, MT5
  • Possible hedging: Yes
  • Operating since: 2015 As an EU-regulated broker
  • Headquarters: Cyprus
  • Branches: Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic
  • Regulators: CySec
  • Supervisory Authorities: KNF, NBS, ČNB
  • Representative office: Bulgaria
  • Support: 24/5



As a conclusion, we discovered InstaForex to be of the greatest calibre, operating in line with national and international legislation. 

Through PAMM or ForexCopy systems, which enable investing and copy trading without requiring a lot of time to decide, traders with any applicable to them personally strategy can find their trading solution at InstaForex. 

This is due to the company’s long history of operation, rapid growth in technology, and development of trading tools and overall client offering.

InstaForex is a reliable option for a trading platform on the internet. It uses well-known technologies, such MT4 and MT5, to give traders a great experience, and it guarantees the security of its consumers through EU regulation and efficient security measures.

InstaForex may be worth looking into if you’re searching for a trading platform that provides a wide range of different trading possibilities.

Even while it isn’t particularly noteworthy, it does have a solid reputation and all the necessary features to be useful for both experienced and novice traders.


Get trading with INSTAFOREX in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create INSTAFOREX Account Click Here

For Create INSTAFOREX EU Account Click Here




The upcoming generation of traders is being trained by IronFX. It is a brand-new online broker that got started with the goal of giving customers access to cutting-edge trading technologies and an exceptional trading experience.

It offers many types of trading accounts as well as commission-free trades with spreads as low as 0.07.

The three most popular accounts that the broker offers are platinum, gold, and silver. Additionally, it provides an Islamic swap-free account and a trial account for beginners. The maximum leverage available to investors is 1:1000.

With a broad range of trading goods, the broker enables you to transact in a number of financial marketplaces. The broker offers a wide range of payment options for deposits and withdrawals.

Online multi-asset broker IronFX is primarily recognised for its forex trading services. Users can access the well-known MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform, flexible leverage, and extremely cheap spreads starting at just 0.0 pips once they have registered. 

This article will cover every aspect of IronFX’s product, including as special deposit bonuses, practise accounts, and quick deposit and withdrawal options.


Overview of IRONFX


  • Trading Platform
  • The Markets
  • Commissions & Spreads
  • Leverage
  • Mobile Apps
  • Payment Methods
  • Demo Accounts
  • Added Value & Promotions
  • Extraordinary Qualities
  • Account types
  • Benefits
  • Drawbacks
  • Trade Times
  • Customer Service
  • Security
  • IronFX Conclusion

As a reputable and trustworthy broker, IronFX has established a strong reputation. It has distinguished itself from other brokers with its past and present partnerships with well-known brands including FC Barcelona, the IronFX Racing Yacht team, and the Korean Freediving Team.

More than 1,200,000 people have registered on its trading platforms, which are available in more than 180 countries.


Trading Platform

The trading platform MetaTrader 4 is employed by IronFX. The programme is regarded as among of the best in the business, particularly for FX trading. 

It promises simple features and basic portfolio management and is aimed at beginners and intermediates.

Traders can install the platform on desktop computers, including Macs, using the free MT4 download. As an alternative, you can carry out direct trades using WebTrader for MetaTrader.

With your account login information in hand, placing an order is simple, with both pending and instant execution options available.

With nine periods, more than 30 technical indicators, real-time news, and automated trading features, MT4 boasts superior charts. 

The MetaTrader Market and Signals, where users may purchase technical indicators, add-ons, and signals for copy trading, can also be used to enhance the MT4 platform.

Additionally, IronFX provides a Personal Multi-Account Manager (PMAM) solution that enables users to simultaneously manage numerous MT4 accounts.

The broker recently introduced TradeCopier, a tool that allows traders to sign up as Strategy Followers, who can copy top-performing strategies and earn rewards, or Strategy Providers, who can get copied and earn a performance fee.


The Markets

Over 300 tradable financial instruments are available from IronFX across:

  • Forex
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Shares
  • Metals
  • Futures
  • Commodities


Note: I’ll earn a referral fee (No any extra fee for you) if you sign up with them. But they are reliable in my opinion (as of this writing). I always want and find the best for you so that you don’t get into trouble.


Commissions & Spreads

The lowest major spreads for live account types start at 0.7 pip, with 1.2 pip as the daily average. Naturally, spreads do increase during times of high volatility and little trading activity.

As you advance up the account tier structure, spreads get more competitive, with the VIP account providing the best value. Spreads and commission costs are competitive overall.

There are additional trading fees, nevertheless, that you should be aware of. For trading accounts that have been inactive for more than a year, IronFX, for instance, levies a $50 inactivity fee. 

Additionally, the broker imposes a sizable fee of 3% of the deposited cash when withdrawal requests are made during inactive times.



Flexible leverage up to 1:1000 is available from IronFX. This makes it possible for traders with small capital to take on bigger positions. On the website, you may use a margin calculator to determine how much leverage you have access to.

Be aware that trading using leverage increases both possible gains and losses.


Mobile Apps

For Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices, there is a mobile app for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform offered by IronFX. The appropriate app stores are where you may get the app. Total trade management benefits mobile users without sacrificing functionality.

The IronFX Research app, which is part of the mobile service, provides users with an overview of the financial markets and significant news stories.


Payment Methods


  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals

Customers of IronFX have a variety of withdrawal and deposit options.




  • Bank wire transfer: Maximum deposit varies among banks
  • Credit & debit cards: Maximum deposit $50,000
  • Skrill: Maximum deposit $50,000
  • Neteller: Maximum deposit $50,000
  • FasaPay: Maximum deposit $5,000
  • China Union: Maximum deposit CNY 360,000
  • DotPay: Maximum deposit PLN 200,000
  • Safecharge: Maximum deposit $70,000
  • Zotapay: Maximum deposit $10,000
  • IronFX Card: Maximum PLN $99,000
  • Perfect Money: Maximum deposit $50,000
  • Digital Assets: No Maximum

No deposit fees apply (coverage for wire transfer charges for deposits over 10k USD)



Deposits and withdrawals typically don’t incur any costs.

Options for withdrawal include:

  • Credit & debit cards
  • China Union Pay
  • Digital Assets
  • Fasapay
  • Perfect Money
  • Nether
  • Skrill
  • IronFX Card
  • Bank Transfer

The withdrawal procedure is simple. Go to “Transactions” on the client portal, click “withdraw,” and then follow the on-screen directions.

Depending on the financial provider, withdrawal times can be as soon as today or as far out as seven days. Contact customer service using one of the methods listed below if you are having any issues with your withdrawal.

The minimal bank wire withdrawal is $100. A $55 transaction fee will be applied to withdrawals that are less than $300.


Demo Accounts

For traders to test the platform and refine their techniques, IronFX provides demo accounts. There are two available demo accounts:

  • Demo Floating Spread
  • Demo STP/ECN Absolute Zero

The only difference between each demo account and a live account is that virtual currency is used.


Added Value & Promotions

The following welcome bonuses are available to traders who open an account with IronFX:

100% limitless sharing bonus with a $200 minimum deposit.

Up to $4,000 in Power Bonuses with a $500 minimum Deposit.

20 percent Iron Bonus with a minimum $100 deposit, up to $2,000.

Bonuses cannot be revoked, please note. Offers also differ according on the nation you’re registering from. 

Finally, be sure to review the terms and conditions of any minimum deposit bonuses when you open an account because they are subject to change.


Get trading with IRONFX in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create IRONFX Account Click Here


Extraordinary Qualities

The Trading School is a service provided by IronFX, and it provides information on establishing a forex trading strategy, e-books, teaching videos, a glossary, and the economic calendar for both professionals and beginners.

The broker also has a sophisticated blog section with a tonne of market-related material.

Additionally useful to traders are the most recent features of Trading Central made available through the Client Portal, as well as trading widgets like a currency converter and profit, margin, and pip calculators.


Account Types

At IronFX, there are seven trading accounts available.

Types of live floating and live fixed accounts:

Micro: Spreads for micro accounts begin at 1.8 pip, with a $100 minimum deposit and leverage up to 1:1000 available.

Premium: Spreads begin at 1.6 pips, with a $1,000 minimum deposit and leverage options up to 1:1000.

VIP: Spreads begin at 1.4 pip, the necessary minimum deposit is $10,000, and leverage up to 1:1000 is offered for VIP traders.

Zero Fixed: Leverage is available up to 1:500, spreads begin at zero pip, and a $500 minimum deposit is required.

Types of STP/ECN trading accounts:

No Commission: Spreads begin at 1.7 pips, the minimum deposit is $500, and leverage up to 1:200 is offered with no commission.

Zero Spread: Spreads begin at zero pip, and there is a $500 minimum deposit requirement and a leverage range of 1:200 accessible with zero spread.

Absolute Zero: Spreads at Absolute Zero start at 0.3 pip, with a $500 minimum deposit and leverage options up to 1:200.

Market execution is the main distinction between live floating/live fixed trading accounts and the ECN/STP architecture. 

Real accounts employ market execution, which does not require re-quotes, whereas STP/ECN accounts use instant execution with re-quotes.

Additionally, IronFX provides customers with the Cent account, which allows them to start with smaller funds and lot sizes.



There are various advantages to joining IronFX:

More than 300 trading products are available to users across several marketplaces, including the currency market.

Reliable trading platform: IronFX provides the potent MetaTrader 4 system, a dependable and well-liked trading environment.

Flexible leverage: Up to 1:1000 is available from IronFX, which is competitive.

Low spreads: minimal spreads Research and customer testimonials indicate that IronFX’s spreads are competitive, which lowers trading expenses.

Multilingual customer support: Is offered by IronFX, a global online broker, in more than 180 countries and in 30 distinct languages.



The IronFX service has some restrictions:

There is just one trading platform accessible, and while MT4 is the most popular one, some traders may not find it to be suitable for their trading style.

Volume discounts – IronFX does not provide its customers with volume discounts, despite receiving numerous positive evaluations regarding bonuses.


Trade Times

The trading hours at IronFX are always open. Users can trade Monday through Friday from 0:00 to 0:00. IronFX market hours are GMT + 2, with GMT + 3 being used in the summer and during daylight saving time.

Although consumers may be able to trade whenever they choose, it should be noted that spreads are less competitive when there is a lack of liquidity.


Customer Support

The customer service team at IronFX is available round-the-clock in 30 different languages:

Email address : [email protected]

Telephone contact number: +44(0) 203 282 7777

Live Chat: The broker’s website has a chat option in the lower right corner.

FAQs: The FAQs, which are located in the “Contact Us” section, can provide answers to questions on a wide range of subjects, including how to close an account and questions about payments.

Careers: At the bottom of the broker’s website is a link to the Careers portal, which features a list of open positions.

Affiliates: The Affiliates portal is accessible to IronFX partners at the website’s bottom.

You can also discover the broker on social media to stay up to date with the most recent IronFX news:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn



To protect the privacy of its customers, IronFX employs industry-standard security measures, such as website encryption. 

The one-time password for MetaTrader is used by the MT4 trading platform. The implementation of dual-factor platform authentication could increase security.


IRONFX Conclusion

IronFX is a reliable broker for beginners and intermediate traders. They provide a variety of products, the dependable MT4 trading platform, as well as competitive spreads and leverage levels. 

The variety of account kinds will also accommodate various trading approaches and capital requirements.


Get trading with IRONFX in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create IRONFX Account Click Here


Questions about IRONFX


  • Does IRONFX provide protection against negative balances?
  • Can I cancel a request for an immediate order?
  • Is MetaTrader 5 available at IRONFX?
  • At IRONFX, may I employ expert advisors?
  • Does IRONFX provide welcome bonuses?


Does IRONFX provide protection against negative balances?

Yes, all users of IronFX are provided with negative balance protection. This guarantees that investors lose no more than their initial investment.


Can I cancel a request for an immediate order?

It might not be able to cancel an instant order request if the server has already taken the order and processed it. If this is the case, a pop-up will appear to inform you that your order might not be able to be canceled.


Is MetaTrader 5 available at IRONFX?

The IronFX trading platform does not yet support MetaTrader 5. Customers can use the MetaTrader 4 platform instead. A review of MetaTrader 4 may be found here.


At IRONFX, may I employ expert advisors?

The MetaTrader 4 platform supports Expert Advisors (EAs), making automated trading possible.


Does IRONFX provide welcome bonuses?

When you open a new account at IronFX, welcome incentives are available. Check the current incentives available when you sign up because they do alter over time and differ by country.


Get trading with IRONFX in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create IRONFX Account Click Here




The XM broker began operating in 2009 and currently serves clients from over 196 different countries. Its support staff speaks 30 different languages, making it one of the most reputable Regulated Brokers. 

The primary office is in Cyprus, which is under CySEC regulation, but there are also offices in Australia, the UK, Belize, Greece, Dubai, and the MENA region, as well as locations that are authorised to serve customers worldwide.

The vast selection of XM trading products and services that the broker offers, along with cutting-edge trading solutions, are chosen by about 1.5 million traders and investors at XM. 

These products are appropriate for both experienced and novice traders. XM strives to give its customers one of the greatest user experiences in the market, which is the cause for the broker’s rapid expansion and increased trust.

With XM, an account may be started regardless of trading expertise or net capital with just $5. 

Additionally, XM supports webinars and research materials while also taking a worldwide perspective and discovering new markets. This enables traders from different nations to interact and begin a career in trading.

In general, all account opening, management, depositing/withdrawing, and trading procedures are clear-cut, easy to understand, and transparent, as we will see in more detail in the XM review.

XM, which is billed as the next-generation broker for online FX and commodity trading, is appropriate for both novice and experienced traders. 

Traders have two options for getting started: a genuine account with the trading programme or a demo account platform with $100,000 USD in fictitious money.

Auto trading, no additional costs or commissions, and quick order execution—99.35% of which happen in under a second—are some of the highlights of this specific broker service.


Company Information


  • XM Trading Platform
  • Markets & Assets
  • Commission & Spreads
  • Leverage
  • XM Mobile Apps
  • Payment Methods 
  • Demo Account
  • Promotions & Bonus Offers
  • Regulation & Licensing
  • Extraordinary Qualities
  • XM Account Types
  • Benefits
  • Drawbacks
  • Trade Times
  • Contact Information & Customer Support
  • Security & Safety
  • XM Overall Conclusion

A collection of licenced online brokers is known as the XM Group (XM). Established in 2009, Trading Point of Financial Instruments is governed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec 120/10).

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission oversees Trading Point of Financial Instruments Pty Ltd, which was founded in 2015 and is governed by it (ASIC 443670).

The Financial Services Commission (000261/309) oversees XM Global, which was founded in 2017.

2019 saw the establishment of Trading Point MENA Limited, which is governed by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (F003484).

The marketplace boasts more than 1.5 million users and traders from 196 nations. The core values of XM are to be large, just, and human. 

The business takes great satisfaction in offering each client a customised experience regardless of their investing objectives.


XM Trading Platform

Both actual and practise accounts can access XM’s two trading platforms. The stop, limit, market, and trailing orders are supported by the multi-award-winning MetaTrader 4 forex trading platform.

The multi-asset trading platform MetaTrader 5 also provides access to stocks, stock indexes, and precious metals. 

An effortless and simple mobile trading experience is made possible by the fact that both platforms are compatible with Apple and Android devices.

Additional, optional tools are available in the trading section, such as trade volume statistics or an economic calendar.


Note: I’ll earn a referral fee (No any extra fee for you) if you sign up with them. But they are reliable in my opinion (as of this writing). I always want and find the best for you so that you don’t get into trouble.


Markets & Assets

This broker offers more than 1,000 trading options on the MT4 and MT5 platforms, including forex trading, CFD trading on stocks and commodities, CFD trading on equity indices, CFD trading on precious metals, and CFD trading on energy.

The key USD, GBP, EUR, and JPY pairs are among the more than 55 pairs that are available for forex trading.

Cryptocurrencies and binary options are not available on XM.


Commission & Spreads

Depending on the type of account opened, spreads change. A Micro Account, Standard Account, or XM Zero Account may be opened. 

The minimum spread for all accounts is 0.1 pip, while a prominent pair like EUR/USD has an average spread of 0.1 pip.

The “no hidden fees or commission” principle is strictly enforced by XM. The only accounts eligible for commission are XM Zero accounts. 

All transfer fees are paid for by XM, and same-day withdrawals are ensured.


Get trading with XM in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create XM Account Click Here



Leverage varies by instrument and can be anywhere from 2:1 and 30:1. This is totally customizable, and XM gives its customers the option to control their own exposure to leverage risk. 

Margin requirements don’t change on the weekends or at night. They stay the same all week.

Customers registered with the group’s EU-regulated entity are eligible for this leverage.


XM Mobile Apps

The Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, as well as Android tablets and phones, are just a few of the Apple and Android devices that support XM. 

Fingerprint authentication is really simple and convenient. Their apps are available for download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

They are both fully functional and enable mobile trading and monitoring. One-click trading is supported on both the PC and Mac desktop platforms.


Payment Methods


  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals

Users must submit a colour copy of an official identification document, like a passport or a driver’s licence, in accordance with traditional KYC rules. 

They must also present a recent utility bill with a three-month expiration date as evidence of address.



The initial deposit requirement for Micro, Standard, and Zero accounts is $5.

  • The majority of popular credit cards
  • Electronic payment options 
  • Wire transfers
  • Local bank transfers 

And more can all be used to make deposits.

Any currency may be used as a deposit, and it will be immediately converted into the base currency you chose when starting the account.



The processing time for all withdrawals is 24 hours, and there are no costs associated with getting money out of your eWallet.


Demo Account

When it comes to demo accounts, XM excels. With just a few data, users can create a sample account and start trading with a fictitious balance of $100,000 USD. 

The XM demo account is exceptional since it provides the exact same trading circumstances as the live account.

You are free to use your demo account for as long as you like.


Promotions & Bonus Offers

To help with trade speed, XM also provides a free VPS (virtual private server) service. 

This VPS is reachable from anywhere and accessible round-the-clock. They are accessible worldwide and make the promise to eliminate downtime.

On the XM VPS website, more details about who may request the XM VPS are available.

Additionally, XM provides commission- and fee-free deposits and withdrawals.

Since XM is an EU-regulated company, it complies with the ESMA’s limit on bonuses, hence EU traders can no longer take advantage of the $30 deposit incentive.


Regulation & Licensing

As mentioned above, XM Group owns a number of brands that are regulated by various authorities.

A collection of licenced online brokers is known as the XM Group (XM). Established in 2009, Trading Point of Financial Instruments is governed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec 120/10).

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission oversees Trading Point of Financial Instruments Pty Ltd, which was founded in 2015 and is governed by it (ASIC 443670).

The Financial Services Commission (000261/309) oversees XM Global, which was founded in 2017.


Get trading with XM in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create XM Account Click Here


Extraordinary Qualities

The abundance of training and educational resources available on the XM platform is one of its main advantages. The portal often hosts webinars for both novices and seasoned experts.

The communal nature of the platform encourages users to learn from their faculty of educators. Additionally, the business released technical analyses and research.


XM Account Types

The Micro, Standard, and Zero tiers of trading account are available. Every account permits a maximum of 200 open/pending positions per customer.

Micro Accounts: A $5 USD minimum deposit is required to open a micro account, which can use the base currencies USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, AUD, JPY, HUF, and PLN. 1,000 units of the basic currency make up one micro lot.

Ultra Low Accounts: XM Ultra Low Accounts allow traders to utilise any of the following currencies as their base currency and demand a minimum deposit of $5 USD. 

A Micro Ultra lot is 1,000 units of the base currency as opposed to a Standard Ultra lot, which is 100,000 units. Not all of the group’s entities are eligible for XM Ultra Low Accounts.

Standard: Traders can open a standard account with just $5 USD and choose from the following base currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, AUD, JPY, HUF, and PLN. 100,000 units of the selected base currency make up one standard lot.

Zero Accounts: Traders using zero accounts must make a minimum deposit of $5 USD, and their base currencies may be USD, JPY, or EUR. 

One standard lot equals 100,000 units of the base currency, just like the standard account. Not all of the XM Group’s entities fall within the definition of zero accounts.



For those starting out in trading, XM provides a comprehensive education programme on forex.

However, this doesn’t come at the expense of more seasoned professionals, who also have access to superior tracking tools and expert analysis. 

As a business that takes pride in providing excellent customer service, their users are well-served by support that is offered in a variety of languages.



Although the customer support may be great, some people complain that it is only offered from Monday to Friday. 

Another drawback is that the lack of variety among the many account kinds results in a less individualised experience.

The Micro, Standard, and Zero accounts are essentially the same, but other brokers have a more varied offering. Finally, some may find it bothersome as PayPal deposits are not yet supported.

Due to licencing regulations, traders from a certain countries, including as Canada and the United States, are also prohibited from opening an account.


Trade Times

XM is accessible around-the-clock, matching the hours of the global Forex market. 

The XM trading hours for phone trading are from Sunday at 22:05 GMT through Friday at 21:50 GMT.


Contact Information & Customer Support

The live chat option on XM’s website’s contact page is the simplest way to get in touch with them.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +357 25029933


Security & Safety

The website’s security is not at all obviously compromised. Opening a sample account requires users to validate their email address, but they are not needed to sign up for email updates. 

Documents proving your identity are needed to start a trading account.

The firm privacy policy states that XM has organisational measures in place to guarantee the security of personal data.


XM Overall Conclusion

For traders of all experience levels, XM provides a thorough broker service. 

XM is a wise choice whether you are a novice trader learning the ropes or an experienced trader searching for a dependable and effective platform.

The platform is straightforward to use and browse despite the drawbacks with the various account options.


Risk warning: Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 74.89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


Get trading with XM in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create XM Account Click Here




Vantage, one of the top online brokers situated in Australia, provides a variety of trading services that allow customers to access the global Forex market. 

Vantage is a major player in the online broker market thanks to its award-winning customer service and dedication to providing quick transactions.

Vantage adds support for a variety of social trading networks, Trading Central-powered content, and a custom mobile app to its range of MetaTrader platforms. 


Company Information


  • VANTAGE Trading Platforms
  • Markets and Assets
  • Commission and Spreads
  • Leverage
  • Mobile Apps
  • Options for Deposit and Withdrawal Payments
  • Demo Account
  • Bonus Initiatives
  • Regulation and Licensing
  • Account Types
  • Benefits
  • Drawbacks
  • VANTAGE Trading Times 
  • Contact Information
  • Security and Safety
  • Is VANTAGE an Effective option for Day Trading?

Vantage (formerly known as Vantage FX) is the company’s representative. The business was founded in 2009 under the name MXT Global and changed its name in 2015.

The website was created primarily for an Australian audience and is registered in Australia. However, the brand has since expanded and now has a worldwide user base.

This is demonstrated by the fact that the company is governed by CIMA in the Cayman Islands, the FCA in the United Kingdom, and ASIC in Australia.


VANTAGE Trading Platforms

Users have access to MT4 and MT5 as well as Markettrader, Webtrader (which doesn’t require a download), Apps for mobile trading, MAM/PAMM, Zulu trading, and MyFXBook Autotrade on the website, which mostly employs Metatrader software.

On various platforms, the mobile app is accessible.

Robot trading, in which deals are executed automatically within predefined parameters, is heavily promoted.

Many of the well-liked automated trading add-ons and tools made possible by the Metatrader community are supported by the new MT5 platform.

Trading can be accessed entirely online or by contacting the support staff around-the-clock. Contact with them can be made by phone, email, or live chat.

The website loads quickly and is generally easy to navigate. Access to the many functions and markets is made simple by drop-down tabs.


Markets and Assets


  • Forex (38 currency pairs are offered) 
  • 24 Distinct types of CFDs (trades that don’t involve currency)
  • Cryptocurrency trading (as part of CFD)
  • Indices trading 
  • Commodities trading 

And 24 more types of trading are all available to traders on vantagemarkets.com.


Commission and Spreads

When it comes to spreads and commission costs, Vantage generally falls in line with the majority of the other major competitors in the online trading sector. 

Although there is no commission on the Standard account, the spreads are substantially wider than they are on the Raw account (commission-based).

An indicative spread of 1.4 (EUR/USD) is quoted for the Standard account. 

The average spread for the Raw account is merely 0.1 pip, but commission is still due. There are also available Islamic and demo accounts.


Note: I’ll earn a referral fee (No any extra fee for you) if you sign up with them. But they are reliable in my opinion (as of this writing). I always want and find the best for you so that you don’t get into trouble.



Leverage ratios for Vantage begin at 100:1 and go up to a maximum of 500:1. Only a small number of clients and accounts are qualified for the highest degrees of leverage, therefore access is restricted. 

Higher levels of leverage must be applied for directly by clients to Vantage.

The ratios are generally in line with what other companies in the sector are providing, however traders who choose a higher risk strategy occasionally may find the 100:1 restriction restricting.


Get trading with VANTAGE in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create VANTAGE Account Click Here


Mobile Apps

Users get access to the official Metatrader apps through the website, which are offered in versions compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones. 

The apps give traders the same access to real-time prices and the ability to execute Forex trades as they would on a laptop or desktop computer.

The app, which is connected with a trader’s other platforms to ensure seamless activity, allows traders to amend pending orders.


Options for Deposit and Withdrawal Payments


  • Deposit
  • Withdrawal



Deposit options for traders include: 

  • Mastercard 
  • Visa
  • Swift 
  • BPay 
  • Skrill 
  • Poli
  • Neteller 

Credit or debit card deposits typically take sixty seconds or less to become visible in the account and usable. 

Deposits made through BPay or a bank wire usually arrive in the account the next day.



Both manual and internet withdrawals are possible. Every day, withdrawals are processed. 

The withdrawal will typically occur the same working day if the withdrawal request is received before 1200 AEST. 

If you submit a request after this time or there are a lot of requests, the withdrawal will be handled the following business day.

The money should typically be in Australian customers’ bank accounts by the following business day. 

It can take several days for the money to arrive in the accounts of international customers.


Demo Account

There is a fully functional demo (practise) account option for forex trading.


Bonus Initiatives

Vantage provides free educational materials on the following subjects: 

  • Learn forex
  • Webinars 
  • MT4 and MT5 manuals 
  • Videos for MT4 and videos for MT4 Smart Trader

Additionally, traders can take advantage of the website’s Forex signals via email function, trading advice, free Forex VPS, expert advisors, economic calendar, 50% welcome bonus, MT4 indicators, and Forex emotion indicators.


Regulation and Licensing

ASIC, Australia’s securities and investments regulatory body, had granted the firm a licence. 

However, they later allowed that licence to expire, and they are now subject to Cayman Islands regulation.


Account Types

Traders can open an individual standard or Raw ECN account in addition to choosing between a practise (dummy) and a live account. 

Joint accounts, business trading accounts, and trust trading accounts are additional account possibilities (either as individuals or as a partnership).

Additionally, there are Professional accounts with higher leverage but fewer regulatory protection, and Islamic accounts (with no carryover).


Get trading with VANTAGE in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create VANTAGE Account Click Here



There are several appealing promotions on this website, as well as award-winning customer service. 

New traders or those who want to keep their levels of risk and investment on the lower end of the spectrum will find it particularly appealing.



For traders with experience or those looking to adopt a greater risk trading strategy, Vantage doesn’t really add much value because most users’ maximum leverage is 1:100, which may be problematic for experienced traders.


VANTAGE Trading Times 

Trading is possible when the relevant markets are open, and the site is accessible around-the-clock.


Contact Information

Contacting the support team is possible through live chat, email, or phone (1300 945 517).


Security and Safety

The business has indemnity insurance and a trader compensation programme in place. 

Client monies are kept in segregated accounts at the National Australia Bank.


Is VANTAGE an Effective option for Day Trading?

For traders who are just starting out or only want to trade relatively little amounts of money, this is a good platform. 

The company’s new partners, Zulutrade and ChartIQ, also give traders more options and value.

Due to the RAW account’s attractive commission rate, it may be more profitable to run than the normal offering. 

There isn’t much that sets it apart from the majority of other online trading sites outside these aspects.

More seasoned traders might prefer to use a platform that encourages bigger trades and more risk.


Get trading with VANTAGE in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create VANTAGE Account Click Here




INFINOX was established in 2009 with the goal of providing trading solutions and concentrating on the most advanced trading technology while treating every client equally as a unique trader, not just an account member.

Infinox first acquired a licence for the Vantage FX brand before developing an own brand, and then, as its reputation grew, it acquired a licence for the GO brand. 

Furthermore, in 2016 the broker realised that the only way to survive was to offer customers industry-leading technology and genuine service under their own distinctive brand. As a result, Infinox is now solely branded globally.

Today, the broker maintains its expansion while maintaining its UK base and providing worldwide ideas through a subsidiary in the Bahamas.

The UK-based FX broker Infinox Capital Ltd. Multiple platforms, notably MT4, offer multi-asset trading. Regulation, account kinds, demo accounts, and other topics are examined in this article. Learn if you ought to log in and conduct business with Infinox.


INFINOX Information


  • Trading Platforms
  • Markets & Assets
  • Commission & Spreads
  • Leverage
  • The Mobile Trading
  • Payment Methods
  • Demo Account
  • Added Value & Promotions
  • Regulation & Licensing
  • Extraordinary Qualities
  • Account Types
  • Benefits
  • Drawbacks
  • Trade Times
  • INFINOX Customer Support 
  • Security
  • INFINOX Conclusion
  • INFINOX: Is it a Scam?
  • What Types of Accounts does INFINOX provide?
  • Is INFINOX an Effective Broker?
  • What about a Demo Account with INFINOX?
  • What Platforms is INFINOX available on?

Infinox Capital Ltd., a London-based broker authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, has been in business since 2009. (FCA). 

The multi-award-winning company employs over 100 people in locations such as the Bahamas, Asia, and the Middle East. 

Because of this, the broker’s clients are also spread out across countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Dubai, Australia, and Portugal.

All levels of traders can invest in forex, indices, stocks, commodities, and futures through Infinox. 

The brokerage wants to be more than just a platform for its customers, thus it places a strong emphasis on customer support and trading tools.


Trading Platforms


  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5
  • WebTrader


MetaTrader 4

The complete MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform is available from Infinox. Users can trade forex, CFDs, and futures using a variety of functionalities that are well-liked by clients, such as:

  • Multiple chart formats and more than 2000 built-in technical indicators
  • EAs (Expert Advisors) for computerised trading
  • Price quotations in real time
  • Instantaneous trading
  • Data from the past
  • 9 timeframes

Downloading MT4 is possible through the broker’s website.


MetaTrader 5

Infinox also provides MT5, the platform from MetaQuotes. This platform is more sophisticated, supporting a wider variety of assets, more charting and indicator options, and more order types. 

The same MT4 functionality is preserved, along with improved software efficiency, new tools, and access to stocks.



Customers can invest with MetaTrader without downloading any software because to its web-based platform. 

For those who want to test the platform with a demo account and have access to a variety of indicators and charts, such as moving averages, Bollinger bands, and more, this is a perfect choice.

Most online browsers, including Chrome and Safari, support opening WebTrader directly from the Platforms page on the broker’s website.


Markets & Assets

Five main asset classifications are available from Infinox:

Forex: Trading 34+ of the most popular currency pairings, such as AUD/USD, EUR/USD, and EUR/GBP, is possible through forex.

Indices: Trade on some of the biggest indices in the world, such as the FTSE100 and DAX40.

Commodities: Hard and soft commodities like gold, silver, and oil are traded in the commodities market.

Equity CFDs: Purchase and sell shares of the largest corporations in the world, such as Google and Facebook.

Futures: Trade on futures with direct market access in real-time (DMA)


Note: I’ll earn a referral fee (No any extra fee for you) if you sign up with them. But they are reliable in my opinion (as of this writing). I always want and find the best for you so that you don’t get into trouble.


Commission & Spreads

Major currency pairs often have spreads that begin at 0.2 pip for EUR/USD, 0.4 pip for GBP/USD, and 0.3 pip for EUR/GBP. 

Standard spreads for indices like the FTSE 100 range from 0.42 to 2.2 pips, and for commodities, gold and silver have spreads of 22 and 27, respectively.

On futures and stock CFDs, commissions vary. The broker’s website has information on particular commission fees, but in general, commission fees for futures and stock CFDs range from 1.5 to 2.8 pips.


Get trading with INFINOX in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create INFINOX Account Click Here



Leverage varies between 1:10 and 1:30 for currencies, commodities, and indexes. 

ESMA laws have restricted leverage, yet it still gives traders considerable latitude to significantly expand their positions. For stock CFDs, the margin starts at 20% and changes for futures.

If you live in an area not under ESMA regulation or if you are a professional client, the maximum leverage is 1:400, which increases your trading power.


The Mobile Trading

The MetaTrader platforms are accessible through mobile apps that work with iOS and Android smart phones and tablets. 

With many of the same features as the desktop platforms—such as comprehensive trading histories, financial news, real-time prices, and more—users may trade conveniently anywhere.

The Apple App Store and Google Play both offer the apps for download.


Payment Methods


  • Bank Transfers 
  • Debit/Credit Cards 
  • Skrill
  • Neteller 

All acceptable methods for deposits and withdrawals. 

Although deposits are free with Infinox, there can be middleman fees. Since the minimum deposit is only £1, novices will find the broker intriguing.

While withdrawals need a payment request form to be filled out before processing can start, deposits are typically completed the same day.


Demo Account

With both their MT4 ECN and MT4 STP accounts, Infinox provides a demo account. Users can test their technique in risk-free conditions using the sample account. 

Investors receive 10,000 in fictitious funds and 30 days of access to the demo account, though this can be increased upon request.


Added Value & Promotions

Infinox does not provide any incentive packages or promotions due to legal restrictions. 

However, keep an eye out for information about any upcoming trading competitions on the broker’s website and social media pages.


Regulation & Licensing

The UK Financial Conduct Authority has fully authorised and regulated Infinox Capital Ltd. (FCA). 

If the broker receives an excessive number of online complaints, they can be the subject of an investigation. Fortunately, I confident that Infinox is reliable and authentic.

Infinox makes sure that client funds are kept separate from corporate funds in accordance with legal requirements. 

The Financial Services & Compensation Scheme (FSCS), which protects clients up to £85,000 in the event of insolvency, also covers the broker.


Extraordinary Qualities

The teaching materials offered by Infinox are largely restricted to primers on trading. Trading professionals should explore elsewhere for in-depth resources. 

Having said that, the broker does include Autochartist, a tool for analysing market trends that works with MT4 and MT5 as well as on its own as a web application.

Along with MT5, Infinox also offers a social trading platform that offers a vast array of assets and cutting-edge capabilities. 

Among the social trading features include automatic copy trading, leaderboards and awards for the community, discussion of trading strategies, and social connections.

Additionally, they provide research through IX Intel, where you can get user-friendly training materials and the most recent news articles. 

The broker is doing an excellent job of expanding its collection of market analysis and trading recommendations.


Account Types

At Infinox, there are two basic account kinds available. Both the MT4 STP (Straight Through Processing) account and the MT4 ECN (Electronic Communication Network) account, which both have smaller spreads but charge commission, are available to traders. 

The minimal deposit for STP/ECN accounts is merely £1 (or EUR, USD, or AUD).

There are also joint and business accounts accessible.



Among the benefits of trading with Infinox are:

  • Different trading platforms
  • Minimum down payment of £1
  • FCA governed
  • VPS



Among the drawbacks of opening an Infinox account are:

  • A few unfavourable customer reviews
  • Resources for education are scarce
  • Absent cryptocurrency


Trade Times

Forex trading is available from Monday at 00:00 to Friday at 23:59 UK time. 

Most equities CFDs are available daily from 08:00 to 16:00 EST, and most futures are available from 6:00 pm to 5:00 pm EST, Sunday through Friday. 

The broker’s website lists more detailed opening times for different markets.


INFINOX Customer Support 

English, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, and six more languages are all spoken by customer service representatives around-the-clock.

Investors can get in touch with the customer service staff by:

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 0-800-060-8744

Live Chat: Is available on the website at the lower right corner.

The registered office of Infinox is located at 20 Birchin Lane, Birchin Court, London, EC3V 9DU. On the website, you may find information about the Hong Kong office.



The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption method is one of the security methods used by the MetaTrader 4 platform, which adheres to industry standards. 

Infinox additionally makes sure that their data gathering procedures are secure in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). You may read the broker’s privacy policy on the website.


INFINOX Conclusion

For traders of all levels, Infinox Capital Ltd. has a competitive product. The broker provides numerous trading platforms, three different account types, £1 minimum deposits, and FCA regulation despite the absence of training resources. I’m pleased to suggest Infinox to our audience.


Get trading with INFINOX in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create INFINOX Account Click Here


Questions about INFINOX


  • INFINOX: Is it a Scam?
  • What Types of Accounts does INFINOX provide?
  • Is INFINOX an Effective Broker?
  • What about a Demo Account with INFINOX?
  • What Platforms is INFINOX available on?


INFINOX: Is it a Scam?

The FCA has authorised and regulated Infinox as a broker. Despite the company’s licence, there are risks associated with online trading, so be sure to practise smart money management.


What Types of Accounts does INFINOX provide?

The MT4 ECN (Electronic Communication Network) account and the MT4 STP (Straight Through Processing) account are the two primary account types offered by Infinox. 

While the STP account charges through the spread and commissions, the ECN account is commission-free.


Is INFINOX an Effective Broker?

Infinox provides trustworthy trading platforms and competitive spreads on foreign exchange. 

The FCA also oversees the broker. Having said that, there are alternative brokers who provide lesser fees and more sophisticated trading instruments.


What about a Demo Account with INFINOX?

Yes, both the MT4 ECN and MT4 STP accounts at Infinox come with a demo account. 

Demo accounts come with 10,000 in fictitious funds and are available for 30 days after signing up.


What Platforms is INFINOX available on?

The desktop and mobile MT4 and MT5 platforms are available from Infinox. 

These are market leaders and provide all the resources new and seasoned investors need to trade on well-known financial marketplaces.


Get trading with INFINOX in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create INFINOX Account Click Here




BlackBull Markets started operating in Auckland, New Zealand, back in 2014. It combines years of institutional forex experience with an emphasis on providing resources to retail traders. 

Since the broker began using its own software as a financial services provider to offer numerous trading solutions, it has been able to combine strong trading performance with affordable pricing.

Additionally, BlackBull Markets was established as a prime broker that also provided retail trading solutions and maintained its translation facilities across major financial cities like Malaysia and London, UK, in order to increase exposure globally. 

Numerous options include various situations, assets to trade, and programmes and learning resources for active traders.

In addition to the many options available to regular traders, professional services are also available for institutional accounts, money managers, MAM, and PAMM accounts.

A New Zealand-based ECN broker called BlackBull Markets provides more than 300 tradeable instruments on the MT4 and MT5 platforms. 

I go through the spreads, minimum deposits, regulations, and login procedures for the broker’s live and demo accounts as I review the client site.




  • Trading Platforms
  • Instruments
  • Fees
  • Leverage
  • Mobile Trading
  • Payment Methods
  • Demo Account Review
  • Rewards from BLACKBULL MARKETS
  • Licensing
  • Extraordinary Qualities
  • Benefits
  • Drawbacks
  • Trade Times
  • Customer Support
  • Security

Black Bull Group Limited (BlackBull Markets), which was established in 2014, holds licences from the Financial Markets Authority of New Zealand and the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of the Seychelles.

With its main office in Auckland, New Zealand, the broker also maintains a support office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ten years of institutional experience in the FX market are provided by the organisation. 

The broker offers institutional-level fintech services to retail clients as a real ECN, No Dealing Desk brokerage.

Users have access to Myfxbook and ZuluTrade in addition to award-winning platforms and other resources. 

Prime services and PAMM accounts are also available to institutional clients.


Trading Platforms


  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5


MetaTrader 4

For many brokers and traders, the MT4 platform is the preferred choice. The platform provides interactive charts, close-to-instant execution, and direct market trading with top liquidity suppliers.

The platform supports both MetaScripts and Expert Advisors (EAs), which let you build your own automated trading bots. 

Additionally, traders have access to a variety of order types, a market monitor window, and hundreds of installed indicators and research tools.

The BlackBull Markets website offers different download links for MT4 for Windows and Mac computers.

Customers can access trading using any compatible web browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, etc.) on any device with the help of the online edition of MT4, MetaTrader WebTrader.

There is no need to install any additional software, and the WebTrader provides all the same advantages as the desktop version, such as a variety of indicators and drawing tools, financial news, as well as real-time pricing and quick execution.


MetaTrader 5

Even quicker processing times, hedging options, enhanced pending order functionality, and a wider selection of tools and indicators are all features of MT5. 

Additionally, there are more than 20 periods, a built-in economic calendar, and access to market liquidity depth.

The platform is available for immediate download from the BlackBull Markets website, but before you can begin trading, you must register for an account.



Over 300 assets are available through BlackBull Markets, including over 60 currency pairs, CFDs on some of the most well-known indexes worldwide, commodities like oil and natural gas, gold, and silver. 

Although the product list is good, shares and cryptocurrency would have been nice to see.



BlackBull Markets offers zero pip spreads, but they normally start with the ECN Standard account at about 0.8 pip. EUR/USD live spreads begin at 0.2 pip.

In the ECN Standard account, trading is fee-free; in the ECN Prime account, the commission is $3 per lot ($6 each round turn). The commission rate with the ECN Institutional account is negotiable.

For holding positions overnight, BlackBull Markets also levies swap fees. These fees are determined on an ongoing basis by the broker and are shown in the trading interface.



On currency pairs and precious metals, BlackBull Markets offers a maximum leverage of 1:500. Leverage is allowed for indexes and oils up to 1:100. The Product Disclosure Statement explains how margin call calculations are made.


Note: I’ll earn a referral fee (No any extra fee for you) if you sign up with them. But they are reliable in my opinion (as of this writing). I always want and find the best for you so that you don’t get into trouble.


Mobile Trading

For no additional charge, iOS and Android smartphone users can download the MT4 trading app. 

A complete collection of trade orders, a thorough transaction history, interactive navigator windows and charts, indicators, sketching tools, and automatic trading features are all provided by the fully functional software.

ZuluTrade, a social copy-trading platform accessible on iPhone, iPad, and Android, is another mobile trading option provided by the broker.


Payment Methods


  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals



Deposits can be made in nine different currencies, including the USD, EUR, GBP, and AUD, using: 

  • Credit cards 
  • Bank wire transfers 
  • Skrill 
  • Neteller 
  • Union Pay  
  • FasaPay 

Except for bank wire, which takes one to three days to process, other choices are done promptly.



You must withdraw money using the same method that you used to deposit it. 

Withdrawals will be processed by the broker within 24 hours. Fees for credit card, Neteller, and Skrill transactions are 5.00 in the base account currency each, while fees for international bank transfers are 20.00 in the base account currency.


Get trading with BLACKBULL MARKETS in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create BLACKBULL MARKETS Account Click Here


Demo Account Review

A 30-day sample simulator with up to $100,000 in fictitious money is available from BlackBull Markets. 

Users can choose their own leverage level up to 1:500 and pick between the Standard or Prime account. 

Before engaging in real trading, a demo account is a crucial tool for testing trades and gaining access to genuine market data.



There are no current promotional deals at BlackBull Markets as of the time of writing. 

For any upcoming deals, traders should visit the broker’s website or social media accounts.



Incorporated and registered in New Zealand is BlackBull Markets. The brokerage is a participant in the Financial Services Complaints Limited (FSCL) dispute resolution process and is registered with the Financial Services Provider Registry (FSPR) under licence number FSP403326.

By using ANZ Bank, one of the top banks in Australasia, to separate money and maintain its operational liquidity, the broker protects the security of customer cash. In general, I confident that BlackBull Markets is not a fraud.


Extraordinary Qualities

A range of teaching tools are available to beginners, including MT4 videos, instructions to currency analysis, and a trading dictionary. 

A calendar of economic events and news is also available for monitoring the market.

For traders who meet specific requirements, such as NYC Servers and BeeksFX, the broker also provides free VPS services. 

In addition, HokoCloud, ZuluTrade, and Myfxbook are three well-known social trading platforms.

With the help of Autochartist, the online broker will be able to provide robust market insights and automated opportunity identification. 

The plugin searches the markets and notifies users of prospective trading opportunities. It is connected with MT4 and MT5. 

It is an essential component of many traders’ toolkits and uses pattern recognition technology to continuously monitor the markets.




  • Standard
  • Prime
  • Institutional

BlackBull Markets offers three basic account types (ECN Standard, ECN Prime, and ECN Institutional), as well as Islamic accounts and Active Trader accounts for clients who qualify. The accounts’ minimum lot size is 0.01 units.



In the Standard account, spreads begin at 0.8 pip and a $200 minimum deposit is needed. The Standard account offers commission-free trading as well.



In the Prime account, spreads are more affordable and begin at 0.1 pip. The minimal down payment needed is $2,000. $6 commissions are due for each round turn.



Institutional account holders can access spreads starting at 0.0 pips with a minimum deposit of $20,000. 

Institutional accounts also include free VPS access, specialised MAM/PAMM platforms, dedicated 24 hour support, and customizable commission structures.



There are several reasons to sign up for a BlackBull Markets account:

  • Copy trading on ZuluTrade, HokoCloud, and Myfxbook
  • There is no commission for trading
  • Cross platform trading
  • Autochartist plugin
  • Academy of Trading



Trading with this broker has a number of drawbacks, including:


Trade Times

Keep in mind that GMT+2 (GMT+3 DST) is the standard server time in MT4. Mon through Fri, the FX servers are available from 0:00 to 0:00. 

The trading hours for metals are Monday through Thursday from 01:00 to 24:00 and Friday from 01:00 to 23:00. 

Crude oil trading hours are from 1:00 to 24:00, and Brent oil trading hours are from 2:00 to 24:00. (Monday to Friday). The contract specifications contain particular opening hours for indexes.


Customer Support

The customer service team is reachable via phone, email, and live chat every single day of the year.

Office: 120 Albert Street, Level 22, Auckland 1010, New Zealand is where the office is.

Email: Contact us at [email protected]

Phone number: (+64) 9 558 5142



On the platforms of BlackBull Markets, all transferred data is protected via a secure SSL connection. 

The secure client portal also serves as the management hub for all client transactions.



A live account at BlackBull Markets is a fantastic idea for a number of reasons, including the firm’s reasonable spreads and extensive selection of platforms and tools. 

The variety of deposit and withdrawal choices was also well-liked. Negative balance protection would be welcome as an additional measure of safety and control, though.


Get trading with BLACKBULL MARKETS in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create BLACKBULL MARKETS Account Click Here


Quastions about  BLACKBULL MARKETS


  • How do I register for a BLACKBULL MARKETS live account?
  • How do I create a demo account with BLACKBULL MARKETS?
  • Are there any bonuses offered by BLACKBULL MARKETS?
  • What are BLACKBULL MARKETS margin call and stop out levels?


How do I register for a BLACKBULL MARKETS live account?

In only a few steps, you may create a client login and open a live account. You must verify your email address after submitting your ID verification and wait for approval.


How do I create a demo account with BLACKBULL MARKETS?

By completing a brief online application form and configuring your account’s customised criteria, you can create a demo account. Your demo login information will then be emailed to you.


Are there any bonuses offered by BLACKBULL MARKETS?

BlackBull Markets is not currently running any promotions or bonuses. On the broker’s website, you can find upcoming bargains.


What are BLACKBULL MARKETS margin call and stop out levels?

Margin calls are not made by BlackBull Markets. 50% is the stop out threshold.



Having been legally registered and incorporated in New Zealand (NZBN 9429041417799), Black Bull Group Limited (also known as BlackBull Markets) is a registered financial services provider that holds a licence from the Financial Markets Authority.


Get trading with BLACKBULL MARKETS in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create BLACKBULL MARKETS Account Click Here




A well-known online broker with over 200 instruments and copy trading is PUPrime. We’ll examine its regulation, account kinds, costs, methods of customer service, and more in our 2022 study. Find out if you should sign up for a real account with PUPrime right now.


PUPRIME Headlines


  • Trading Platform
  • Products
  • Fees
  • Leverage
  • Mobile App
  • PU Social 
  • PUPRIME Payments
  • Demo Trading
  • Offers & Promotions
  • Regulation
  • Extraordinary Qualities
  • Live Accounts
  • Benefits
  • Drawbacks
  • Trade Times
  • Customer Support
  • Security
  • PUPRIME Conclusion

Since its establishment in 2015, PUPrime has provided online brokerage services to clients in more than 120 different nations. 

Currently, there are about 130,000 live trading accounts, and the company offers multilingual services to meet the needs of its international clientele.

The company employs 200 people who provide customer service around-the-clock from 14 offices across the world.

Because the broker doesn’t use a dealing desk, it may offer better pricing, fewer outages, and a wide range of liquidity. 

The Seychelles Financial Services Authority and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission both have authority over and oversee PUPrime.


Trading Platform


  • Web Trader
  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5

The MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) terminals are both available from PUPrime. Both are free to download for PC and desktop devices and are widely recognised platforms. 

Clients can trade immediately through all popular web browsers without the need to download any additional software because the broker also hosts the Web Trader interface. The platforms’ features are as follows:


Web Trader

Compatible with MAC, Linux, and Windows

  • 3 Sorts of charts
  • 9 Timeframes
  • Instantaneous trading
  • Current quotes
  • 24/7 online support
  • 30 Technical indicators
  • Trustworthy data protection
  • Sophisticated market depth
  • Supports all forms of trading operation
  • Accounting techniques for netting and hedging
  • For technical analysis, 24 graphical objects


MetaTrader 4


  • 3 Sorts of charts
  • 9 Timeframes
  • Instantaneous trading
  • Streaming real-time prices
  • 4 Types of pending orders
  • 24 charting tools for analysis
  • Instantaneous execution and access
  • Programming language MQL4
  • Access to knowledgeable advisors (EAs)
  • Multilingual, user-friendly interface
  • More than 50 built-in technical indicators


MetaTrader 5


  • 8 Different order types
  • 21 Timeframes
  • Instantaneous trading
  • Current market news
  • Advanced trading bots
  • More than 80 integrated technical indicators
  • Mood and the economic calendar
  • Decide on take-profit and stop-loss thresholds.
  • Customizable charts, 100 charts can be viewed at once
  • There are four sorts of pending orders: pending, stop, and trailing stops.



200+ assets are available to trade on PU Prime’s global markets:

Commodities: Speculate on agricultural products, energy, and precious metals as commodities.

Indices: Trade many international indices, such as the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and S&P 500.

Forex: 30+ major and minor currency pairs, including EUR/USD and USD/JPY.

Cryptocurrencies: 6 well-known cryptocurrency/USD pairs, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Shares: Trade CFDs on shares of some of the greatest firms in the world, including as Amazon, VISA, Tesla, and IBM.



Different account types have different fees. With quotes obtained directly from significant liquidity suppliers, the Prime solution offers the narrowest spreads. 

Spreads can be zero pip at periods of high liquidity. Major currency pairings including EUR/GBP and USD/CAD were available at 1.9 and 0.4 pip spreads on the Standard and Prime accounts, respectively.

The price of gold was 3 pip instead of 2 pip on the Prime account. The trading platform interface or the broker’s website both contain a complete list of spreads broken down by instrument.

On all trades carried out through the Pacific Union Standard account, no commission is due. The majority of trading instruments inside the Prime account have a $3.50 commission per side. 

Although it is encouraging that the broker does not impose an inactivity fee, swap rates do apply to positions held overnight.


Note: I’ll earn a referral fee (No any extra fee for you) if you sign up with them. But they are reliable in my opinion (as of this writing). I always want and find the best for you so that you don’t get into trouble.



By initial investment and trade size, PUPrime’s possible leverage varies. The possible leverage is capped at 1:500. 

I would advise adopting risk management techniques if using this rate because it is so high. 

An investor can control a larger deal size the more leverage is being applied. The availability of leverage is broken down below.

  • 100% margin required – 1:1 leverage available
  • 10% margin required – 1:10 leverage available
  • 2% margin required – 1:50 leverage available
  • 1% margin required – 1:100 leverage available
  • 0.2% margin required – 1:500 leverage available


Mobile App

A brand-new, exclusive mobile app from PUPrime is accessible for free download on iOS and Android devices. 

Investors may access all trading capabilities while on the go thanks to the straightforward, user-friendly design and powerful functionality.

Fast execution times, news about the world’s markets, multi-account administration, round-the-clock customer service, and trading reports are all offered. 

Both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 have mobile apps that may be downloaded. Anywhere you are, you can access the whole trading functionality of the desktop platform, analytical tools, and customizable charts and graphs.


PU Social 

In 2022, PUPrime unveiled a custom social trading platform. Customers can track the positions and tactics of the broker’s top traders using the App Store and Google Play. 

For more inexperienced traders who want to learn about various assets and trading strategies, this is an especially alluring offer.

PU provides a wealth of information, such as information on monthly returns and markets traded, to assist newcomers in finding the best Master Trader for their needs. 

The flexibility of trading parameters, such as position sizes and live order modifications, is also maintained by traders.

The PU Social application can offer a second source of income for experienced traders. Master Traders have the option of charging a commission on successful transactions or a subscription fee. 

To get started, investors only need to have a live account and download the broker’s copy trading app from the appropriate app store.


PUPRIME Payments


  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals



Prime offers traders a variety of base currencies and customizable deposit alternatives. No account financing method is subject to a cost from the broker; however, third parties may impose fees. 

There is a $50 minimum deposit requirement and several maximum limitations. Top ways for deposits include:

UnionPay: CNY only, 50,000 CNY maximum limit, processing within 30 minutes

Fasapay: USD/IND only, $75,000 transaction per day, instant processing

Cryptocurrencies: BTC/USDT only, no maximum limit, instant processing

Local payments: varying currencies and maximum limits, processing within 1 hour

Bank Wire Transfer: All currencies, no maximum limit, 2-5 business day processing time

Credit/Debit Cards: Includes VISA and MasterCard,  all currencies, instant processing

Electronic Payments: Includes Skrill/Neteller/Bitwallet/Sticpay/Astropay/Fasapay, all currencies, instant processing



The bulk of withdrawal options with PUPrime are cost-free, although some do have a modest fee. Instead of being determined by the broker, this is an outside fee. 

For instance, Neteller charges a transaction fee of 2% for each withdrawal. Withdrawals from Skrill will be charged a 1% fee.

The minimum withdrawal amount for all methods is $40, but there are several types of limits. 

Withdrawals under $100 will be charged a handling fee of $20 or an equivalent amount in another currency. 

The longest processing period for withdrawals of funds is two to five business days for bank wire transfers.

Electronic payments made using credit/debit cards and their processing times can vary based on the issuing bank and receiving bank.


Get trading with PUPRIME in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create PUPRIME Account Click Here


Demo Trading

The Pacific Union website offers a free demo account in more than 10 base currencies. 

These accounts provide a safe environment for strategy testing, execution practise, and platform feature navigation.

On the MT4 or MT5 trading terminals, PUPrime traders have access to up to $100,000 in virtual funds and can observe real-time trading conditions and prices. 

Opening a paper trading account also gives you the option of choosing a leverage of up to 1:500. An account must be opened by registering online using a short form.

Please be aware that these accounts expire automatically after 60 days.


Offers & Promotions

PUPrime was promoting a number of cash incentives at. A $50 no-deposit bonus and a 50% credit bonus up to $500 were included in this. 

There are no restrictions on promotions because the broker is not overseen by a body that regulates the European Union. 

There is also a refer-a-friend programme available, where traders can receive up to $150 for each person who creates a live account and meets the requirements.

Before creating an account, you should carefully read the terms and conditions for bonus claims because there can be withdrawal limitations.



The Seychelles Financial Services Authority and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission both have full regulatory authority over PUPrime (formerly Pacific Union). 

Negative balance protection and segregated client funds are two features that PU offers that are comparable to those offered by premier regulatory bodies like the FCA.

Your capital will be protected in the event of business insolvency. Additionally, the broker conducts rigorous corporate governance compliance audits and uses top financial institutions to offer consumers the greatest interbank liquidity.


Extraordinary Qualities

We were glad to learn that PUPrime provides a variety of analysis tools and educational materials. This covers daily news updates, market reports, and instrument technical analysis. Also featured in daily video posts is market research.

Although there are beginner-friendly themes, there are also more sophisticated pieces for those with more experience. 

Themes covered include market basics, risk management, understanding indicators, and trading psychology. 

Along with visual demonstrations of important subjects, supporting video information is also offered.

It is also encouraging to note that a variety of helpful tools, such as an economic calendar, a currency converter, and a keyword glossary, can be accessed online along with webinars presented by professionals in the field.


Live Accounts


  • Standard
  • Prime
  • Cent

PUPrime provides Standard and Prime online trading account options. Both provide access to all products, different base currencies, no dealing desk order execution, and the greatest amount of leverage possibilities. 

A Cent account can also be created. These are perfect for novice investors who want to start with modest sums. These are specifics about the account types:




  • No commission
  • 120% margin call
  • Hedging available
  • Spreads from 1.3 pips
  • Leverage up to 1:500
  • 0.01 lots minimum order size
  • Minimum deposit of $50 or equivalent currency




  • 120% margin call
  • Hedging available
  • Spreads from 0 pips
  • Leverage up to 1:500
  • $3.50 commission per side
  • 0.01 lots minimum order size
  • Minimum deposit of $1,000 or equivalent currency



Access to 36 currency pairs, gold, silver, and crude oil

  • Spreads from 1.3 pips
  • Maximum lot size of 100
  • Minimum deposit of $20
  • Maximum deposit of $1,000
  • USC account currency only

The process of opening a live account with PU Prime is quick and simple. 

Customers are expected to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance and complete an online registration form as well as submit identify verification papers, such as proof of residency.

PU also provides a trading account for Muslims. Upgrading to this swap-free version from a live account is possible with the brokerage’s consent. 

For the management of open position accounts, there are administrative fees.




  • No-cost deposits
  • Private mobile application
  • Market execution directly
  • Islamic account without swaps
  • Negative balance defence
  • Customer service that is multilingual
  • Demo account with fictitious money
  • Low minimum deposit amount necessary
  • PU Social’s copy trade functionality
  • Mobile apps and the widely used MT4 and MT5 terminal




  • Regulation of offshore
  • Withdrawal fees under $100
  • The majority of Prime account instruments are subject to commission


Trade Times

Trading hours Monday through Friday are 24 hours, but they differ depending on the instrument. 

Keep in mind that servers and charts use GMT +2 or GMT +3. On the broker’s website, you may see complete timings by instrument as well as forthcoming market holiday dates.


Customer Support

PUPrime provides the following customer service seven days a week, plus on Sunday from GMT+3 4:00 to 5:00:

  • Live chat
  • Online contact form
  • Global address finder
  • Email – [email protected]
  • Telephone – +248 4671 948



Both the trading floor and portal access require a password. An SSL certificate is used to encrypt any personal data transferred between client terminals and platform services. 

The MT4 and MT5 trading terminals provide industry-standard data privacy, secure login features, and two-factor authentication.


PUPRIME Conclusion

A strong direct-to-market execution trading environment is provided by PUPrime. Low fees and flexible leverage make it possible to tailor it to any trading plan. 

I appreciated the availability of reputable trading platforms, a range of customer support choices, a demo account, and low-deposit options.

The negative balance protection and segregated client money should reassure customers, even though the chosen regulating body isn’t well-known in the financial sector.


Get trading with PUPRIME in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create PUPRIME Account Click Here


Questions about PUPRIME


  • PUPRIME is regulated, right?
  • Which Trading Platforms is PUPRIME providing?
  • How much of a Deposit must you make to open a PUPRIME account?
  • What options for customer service does PUPRIME provide?
  • What kind of accounts is PUPRIME offering?


PUPRIME is regulated, right?

Yes, both the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and the Seychelles Financial Services Authority have authorised and regulated PUPrime (formerly known as Pacific Union). 

Negative balance protection and customer funds that are kept separate are two requirements of the authority’s rules.


Which Trading Platforms is PUPRIME providing?

The well-known MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading terminals are available through PUPrime. 

Both offer complex trading capabilities, including as technical indicators, individualised user interfaces, and intricate graphs and charts.


How much of a Deposit must you make to open a PUPRIME account?

Opening a live trading account with PUPrime requires a minimum deposit of $50 or an equivalent amount in another currency. 

Note that the owner and management team reserve the right to adjust the minimum deposits, which may vary depending on the account financing type.


What options for customer service does PUPRIME provide?

PUPrime provides 24/7 multilingual client service. A live chatbot, the number +248 4671 948, and email [email protected] are all included.


What kind of accounts is PUPRIME offering?

Numerous live account kinds with direct-to-market execution are available with PUPrime. 

Among them are Standard, appropriate for beginning investors, and Prime, which has more sophisticated trading capabilities and a larger minimum deposit requirement. The broker also provides an Islamic trading account and a Cent account.


Get trading with PUPRIME in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create PUPRIME Account Click Here 




Since 2004, Tradeview has been a pioneer in offering electronic direct market access to the equity and foreign exchange markets.

Tradeview has maintained a leadership position by providing cutting-edge trading platforms, account security, and multi-jurisdictional client support services. 

Tradeview’s technology and auxiliary account services have been at the forefront of online financial services. Due to them exceptionally tight spreads cutting-edge technology, and superior customer service, investors and traders prefer Tradeview.

The overseas proposition was carried out through a reputable Cayman Islands organisation that permits opening of accounts and access to high leverage or other terms for foreign traders. But make sure you are well-versed in the distinctions between rules and conditions.

Online broker Tradeview offers more than 5000 assets in the areas of FX, equities, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. 

The account types available, spreads, leverage, platforms, and more are all covered in our assessment. Examine Tradeview to see if it is the ideal broker for you.


TRADEVIEW Information


  • Trading Platforms
  • The Assets
  • Commission & Spreads
  • Leverage
  • Mobile Apps
  • Withdrawals & Deposits
  • Demo Account
  • TRADEVIEW Bonuses
  • Regulation
  • Extraordinary Qualities
  • Trading Accounts
  • Benefits
  • Drawbacks
  • Trade Times
  • Customer Support
  • Security
  • TRADEVIEW Conclusion

Tradeview is a reputable Cayman Islands-based STP ECN internet broker. Since its founding in 2004, the business has served over 100,000 accounts, including those of institutional and experienced traders from all around the world.

With more than 5000 financial instruments available across 5 platforms, including MT4 and MT5, Tradeview is governed by CIMA and the MFSA. 

The broker does not, however, accept clients from the US or from nations where local legislation or regulations restrict the use of FX and CFDs.

The firm made additional investments in its European trading activities in 2021, opening a location in Malta and obtaining a permit from the local authority. 

In doing so, the business has been able to take advantage of the infrastructure and regulatory framework in the area to provide clients with trading circumstances that are among the best in the market.


Trading Platforms


  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5
  • cTrader
  • Sterling Pro
  • CurreneX

For traders of various skill levels, Tradeview offers a choice of 5 platforms: MT4, MT5, cTrader, Sterling trader, and CurreneX.


MetaTrader 4

Customers can trade on the well-known MT4 platform, which offers access to the FX and CFD markets. The platform provides a full charting package with a wide range of analytical tools, as well as 30 technical indicators for market analysis.

Trades can discover a setup that works for them because to the user-friendly terminal’s vast customization features. MT4 does a great job at striking a balance between usability and capability.

The Tradeview MAM plugin for the MetaTrader4 System is a straightforward, quick, efficient, and dependable solution. The trader can establish a maximum loss with the help of the drawdown tool. 

Tradeview provides free access to Android and iOS smartphones for the well-known forex trading platform Metatrader4.

The platforms Windows, Mac, Web, iOS, and Android all support MetaTrader 4.


MetaTrader 5

Members also have access to MT5, which is a more recent version of the MT4 platform. The platform’s dashboard offers comprehensive statistics together with a user-friendly, fully customizable layout.

Customers gain from:

  • Key performance indicators (30) built-in
  • Run up to ten charts at once.
  • Accessible control panels
  • 2,000 individual indicators
  • Immediate execution
  • 21 Timeframes
  • Watch lists
  • The ability to access over 50,000 actual US stocks and options
  • Ability to trade stocks on an exchange

The platforms Windows, Web, iOS, and Android all support MetaTrader 5.



Leading multi-asset ECN platform cTrader. Full STP technology is offered for immediate entry and execution. 

The platform is appropriate for more experienced traders because it has a collection of 70 indicators, 26 chart time frames, and level II pricing.

To access more than 50 banks and prime liquidity providers, cTrader specifically interacts with Tradeview’s Innovative Liquidity Connector.

Spread from 0 pip, available in 14 different languages. Copy, formerly known as cMirror, is also supported by the cTrader platform. Here, you can duplicate or mimic the tactics used by seasoned money managers.

Windows, Android, and iOS all support cTrader.


Sterling Pro

For trading in stocks and options, Sterling Pro is a popular professional trading platform.

It offers both single-leg and complicated options order capabilities, as well as the robust options trading tools needed by professional options traders around the world. 

The excellent performance and configurability of Sterling Trader Pro provide traders total control over their trading in the American equity markets.

*A single platform for trading futures, single-leg options, and stocks.

*With more than 60 studies and indicators, a highly customizable charting package.

*Real-time, high-performance Level I and Level II market data.

*With a broad network of brokerage and clearing firms, broker and clearing firm neutrality.

*Hotkeys and hot buttons with complete configuration and customization.

*Management of portfolios: current position and P&L.

*Over 60 data points in a fully customizable ticker watchlist.



For users that need sophisticated charting tools, CurreneX is a fully integrated forex trading platform. 

The platform is renowned for its high-speed, low-latency FX trading technology and offers 31 more technical analysis tools. 

The dedicated CurreneX platform is an excellent choice for those that are primarily interested in forex.

Windows is the only platform CurreneX runs on.


Get trading with TRADEVIEW in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create TRADEVIEW Account Click Here


The Assets

Over 100 assets are available to Tradeview clients:

Forex: 60 major, minor, and exotic forex pair options including EURUSD, GBPUSD, and EURJPY.

Cryptocurrencies: Four cryptocurrencies (BTCUSD, ETHUSD, LTCUSD, and DASHUSD)

Stocks: 5000+ actual US stocks and options, 9 indexes, including NASDAQ and AMEX, and stocks.

Commodities: Three metals and three fuels make up commodities: gold, silver, and oil.

Although other brokers may have more broad product portfolios, the broker generally offers a decent selection of financial instruments.


Note: I’ll earn a referral fee (No any extra fee for you) if you sign up with them. But they are reliable in my opinion (as of this writing). I always want and find the best for you so that you don’t get into trouble.


Commission & Spreads

Floating spreads with adjustable commissions are offered by Tradeview. 

Two of its currency accounts, the Innovative Liquidity Connector® (ILC) and the X Leverage account, have different spreads and commissions.

On the ILC account, spreads begin at 0 pip, and they are competitive on the X Leverage account. 

ILC account holders pay a $5 round turn commission every lot exchanged, however X Leverage account holders are not charged. Leading pairs GBPUSD often have spreads of 0.6 and 0.2 or EURUSD.

On their website, under “Rollover rates,” is a detailed list of the broker’s swap rates.



Leverage varies for each account in the same way that spreads and commission terms do. Maximum leverage for ILC accounts is 1:100, however it is 1:400 for X Leverage accounts. 

On the ILC account, the minimum trade size is one lot, and on the X leverage account, it is one thousandth of a lot.


Mobile Apps

Tradeview doesn’t have a unique mobile app. The forex broker does, however, provide mobile trading through the MT4, MT5, and cTrader platforms. 

The functionality of the desktop versions of MT4 and MT5 is carried over to the mobile versions, which include features like account management and access to 30 technical indicators for market analysis.

Fluid charting capabilities, symbol information, and in-app notifications are available on cTrader mobile.

On the App Store and Google Play, you can download the MT4, MT5, and cTrader apps.


Withdrawals & Deposits

There are no fees for deposits on Tradeview. The broker provides numerous deposit options with various processing timeframes, including:

Credit Card: (Same day) Mastercard/Visa

Bank Wire: (approx. 1-2 business days) Fidelity, Scotiabank, and BCP

Alternatives: Include Uphold, Bitpay, PayR, Sticpay, Fasapay, TransferMate, Advcash, Interac e-Transfer, Bitwallet, Neteller, Skrill, and Tronipay. They can all be used the same day.

Only the payment method used to make the initial submission of the payment can be used to release withdrawals. There are no withdrawal fees at Tradeview. 

The bank wiring option, however, carries a hefty $35 fee, and Skrill and Neteller also carry a 1 percent to 1.5 percent fee. Users must fill out a form on the website and upload supporting documents to request withdrawals.


Demo Account

Users of Tradeview can trade on the MT4, MT5, cTrader, and CurreneX platforms using a free live demo account. Users can practise trading techniques with technical indicators and learn to trade in real-time while assuming no financial risk.

On the website, creating a demo account is simple. To get started, just enter your information, pick a platform, and select an account type.



Tradeview occasionally may present promotional benefits. On the website, you can get all the information.



Under licence number 585163, Tradeview Forex is governed by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA). In the Cayman Islands, CIMA serves as the primary financial services regulator.

Additionally, the Malta Financial Services Authority has granted the broker a licence for its European trading base (MFSA). 

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) License Number IS/93990 governs their newly opened office there.

The MFSA is a totally autonomous public entity that submits annual reports to Parliament. 

The MFSA is a member of both the European Securities and Markets Authority and the European Banking Authority (EBA) (ESMA).

The majority of experienced traders and institutional clients, however, are probably more wary of offshore licenced brokers. 

This review would have preferred to have the FCS, CySEC, and ASIC regulate the market.


Extraordinary Qualities

Education: Tradeview provides a comprehensive list of educational resources. 

Additionally, they operate a website called Surf’s Up! that focuses on educating visitors about the FX market. Daily news updates and regular financial blogs are posted on the website.

Social trading: The broker also provides a website called Trade Gate Hub for social trading. 

Real-time coaching from other experienced traders is available to members. Beginners or those with limited time may benefit from social and copy trading.


Trading Accounts

Individual, Corporate, and Joint account types are available at Tradeview. 

The two forex account types stated above, Innovative Liquidity Connector and X Leverage, which are accessible on all three accounts, are where the key differences lie.

The minimum deposit for ILC accounts is $1000, whereas the minimum deposit for an X Leverage account is $100. 

Every account that exceeds $2,500 receives a personal account manager who is available around-the-clock. Users can log in to the “Client Cabinet” once their accounts have been created.

For Islamic traders, the broker also provides swap-free accounts.




  • Platforms like MT4, MT5, cTrader, CurreneX, and Sterling Trader
  • Copy trading and social
  • Cryptocurrencies trading




  • High bank transfer withdrawal costs
  • few educational resources
  • US customers are not welcome
  • Regulation of offshore


Trade Times

Tradeview is open from Sunday through Friday from 5 pm to 4:55 pm EST. There are unique trading hours for each market. 

From Monday through Friday, the forex, indices, and commodities markets are open around-the-clock. On the MT4 and MT5 platforms, you can also see the trading hours for each market.


Customer Support

The broker can be reached by using the live chat feature on their website, [email protected], or by calling their toll-free number:

Main Office: +1 345 945 6271

Direct Phone: +1 345 946 4532

Tradeview LTD, Grand Cayman, KY1-1002; 5th Floor Anderson Square, 64 Shedden Rd, PO Box 1105, is where the company’s main offices are located.



Tradeview keeps customer funds in separate bank accounts to ensure safety and security. Additionally, the business only collaborates with tier 1 banks.

Through an automated risk management system that is accessible on its trading platforms, the brokerage also shields its clients from trading and leverage hazards. 

By taking these steps, account balances are kept from falling below zero. 

Additionally, its systems offer state-of-the-art encryptions, secure logins, and data privacy that meets industry standards. 

Additionally, the broker does routine internal and external corporate audits, which are available for viewing on their website.


TRADEVIEW Conclusion

Tradeview provides ample leverage, competitive spreads, and minimal commissions on reputable trading platforms. 

Analysts and professionals typically advise against trading using offshore regulated brokers, despite the CIMA regulation being good. 

The minimal teaching resources could also fall short of what new traders require. Therefore, even if Tradeview is a respectable broker, I also suggest looking into other forex and CFD suppliers.


Get trading with TRADEVIEW in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create TRADEVIEW Account Click Here


Questions about TRADEVIEW


  • TRADEVIEW is it regulated?
  • TRADEVIEW provides a demo account, right?
  • How much funding am I required to use TRADEVIEW?
  • Is TRADEVIEW an excellent broker?
  • Is TRADEVIEW a reliable broker?


TRADEVIEW is it regulated?

Yes. CIMA has granted Tradeview a licence and is regulating it under licence number 585163. CIMA, however, is an offshore regulatory body.

MFSA also regulates Tradeview.


TRADEVIEW provides a demo account, right?

A free demo account with full access to all of Tradeview’s platforms is available. To begin, users must enter certain personal information on the broker’s website.


How much funding am I required to use TRADEVIEW?

The Innovative Liquidity Connector requires a minimum deposit of $25,000, while the X Leverage account requires a minimum commitment of $100.


Is TRADEVIEW an excellent broker?

Across all account types, Tradeview provides competitive spreads, little to no commission, and high leverage. However, in addition to 60 currency pairs, they only provide a small number of traded assets.


Is TRADEVIEW a reliable broker?

Tradeview conducts routine audits and upholds good governance in accordance with CIMA regulations. Additionally protected in segregated Tier 1 institutions are client funds. Tradeview is therefore dependable and unlikely to be a fraud.


Get trading with TRADEVIEW in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create TRADEVIEW Account Click Here




With more than 200,000 loyal customers worldwide, AvaTrade is a well-known broker with a global presence. 

Regardless of user expertise or experience, a registered forex broker operating across 5 continents offers consumers advanced trading solutions by enabling access to the market through a wide range of flexible platforms, tools, and choices.

Ava is a multinational corporation that has regional offices all over the world but has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. 

As well as companies in South Africa, Chile, Mongolia, Nigeria, and a recently established UAE brokerage, these include companies in Paris, Dublin, Milan, Madrid, Tokyo, Beijing, and Sydney.

Leading global forex broker AvaTrade is a member of the AVA Group of businesses. AvaTrade is one of the first internet brokerages, having been formed in 2006. 

The trading platforms, mobile app, payment options, and MT4 integration are covered in full in this article. 

I will contrast trading fees, spreads, and leverage as well. Whatever you wish to trade, from Bitcoin to standard options, determine if Avatrade will work for you.

A total of four offices for the business are currently spread throughout the globe: one each in Japan, Australia, Ireland, and the British Virgin Islands. 

AvaTrade, one of the biggest and most reputable online brokerages in the world, accepts customers from a wide range of geographical areas and trading accounts in many different currencies.

In a recent announcement, the company additionally highlighted the expansion and visibility of the brand by announcing a significant collaboration with English Premier League champion Manchester City.


Regulation & Reputation


  • Available Trading Platform Types
  • Offering Trading Accounts
  • Bonuses & Promotions
  • Assets & Instruments
  • AVASocial
  • Customer Support
  • Deposit & Withdrawal
  • AVATRADE Day Trading Tools
  • The AVATRADE Spreads

It is crucial to select a forex broker that is licenced and regulated by a respectable regulatory body because this helps to establish the reliability and expertise of the firm. 

*Given that it is overseen by numerous international regulatory bodies, AvaTrade is unquestionably a trustworthy business.

*Under licence #C53877, the Central Bank of Ireland oversees the broker’s operations in Europe.

*The broker has an ASIC licence #406684 to operate in Australia.

*The broker is authorised in Japan by the FSA and the FFA, respectively, with licences #1662 and 1574.

*The broker has licence #45984 from the FSCA for South Africa.

*The broker has licence #190018 from the Financial Regulatory Services Authority (FRSA) of Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM) for the Middle East.

*The broker has an Israel Securities Authority licence with the ID number 514666577.

You can trade with confidence at AvaTrade because it is one of the most reputable and trustworthy online brokerages in the business. 

Numerous accolades like “Best Customer Support,” “Best Alert System,” “Best Financial Derivative Trading Provider,” and “Best Forex Broker YEAR” have been given to the business.

The company has recently expanded its business in Canada thanks to a partnership with Friedberg Direct. 

A branch of the Friedberg Mercantile Group Ltd., Friedberg Direct is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF), the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC), and the majority of Canadian Exchanges. 

The main office of Friedberg Mercantile Group Ltd. is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at 181 Bay Street, Suite 250.


Available Trading Platform Types

The variety of trading platforms offered by AvaTrade is among its most amazing features. 

Whether you’re a novice trader, an expert trader, or something else entirely, there is absolutely something for everyone here. The platforms provided by AvaTrade are as follows:

  • MetaTrader 4 platform
  • MetaTrader 5 platform
  • Meta Trader for Mac
  • Meta Trader for trading on mobile (Download the Avatrade app directly here)
  • Web trading with Meta Trader
  • The AvaTradeAct platform (Proprietary Platform)

AvaTrade offers a variety of automated trading softwares in addition to these platforms to meet the needs of everyone. The subsequent are:

  • MQL5 Signal Service
  • API Trading
  • Duplitrade


Offering Trading Accounts

By providing the majority of traders with just two account types, AvaTrade keeps things straightforward with their accounts. Both a regular account and a trial account. 

Via credit cards, a standard account can be started for as low as $100, or for $500 using wire transfers.

Muslim traders are catered to by providing “swap free accounts,” which function in compliance with the Islamic Sharia Principle of interest-free trading, in addition to the two normal accounts.

Professional traders can also open MAM accounts to easily handle multiple client accounts. These accounts have the following characteristics:

*Possibilty of establishing many sub-trading groups.

*There are all MT4 order types accessible, including stops, limits, and close.

*Compatible expert advisors (EAs).

*Lowest lot size is 0.01 lots.

*Various allocation criteria.

*Placing orders for countless client accounts.

*Placing trade orders from a master account.

Additionally, AvaTrade provides negative balance insurance. This guarantees that customers can only lose their account balance. 

The brokerage will immediately repay the difference through a “negative balance adjustment” if the market moves against the client to the point that the trader is placed in a negative balance position.


Note: I’ll earn a referral fee (No any extra fee for you) if you sign up with them. But they are reliable in my opinion (as of this writing). I always want and find the best for you so that you don’t get into trouble.


Bonuses & Promotions

Bonuses might be accessible depending on where you are; for more information, get in touch with AvaTrade.


Assets & Instruments

Once again, AvaTrade succeeds in providing traders with a broad selection of financial trading products. The freedom of investors to trade:

Forex: Over 50 currency pairings, including all majors, minors, and numerous exotics, are accessible around-the-clock, every day of the week. 

With leverage of up to 400:1, traders can take advantage of competitive spreads as low as 0.8 pips.

Cryptocurrency: Traders can trade nine different cryptocurrencies with up to 20:1 leverage (not available in Canada or the UK). These currently include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Ripple.

Commodities, Indices, Bonds, Stocks, ETFs: For trading various financial assets, AvaTrade traders benefit from the largest leverage as well as extremely competitive and low spreads.

Options: Avatrade has democratised trading options so that investors of all expertise levels can participate. 

For individuals who are interested in using the product, the new options trading platform makes vanilla options less complicated and offers a variety of choices.


Get trading with AVATRADE in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create AVATRADE Account Click Here



Customers of the broker AvaTrade can now download AvaSocial, the platform for social and copy trading. 

The mobile app, which is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, enables users to copy the transactions of profitable investors.

Users can choose to use a completely automated service or trade manually based on market cues. The currency, stock, crypto, and commodities markets all offer round-the-clock trading.

Another top-notch social trading platform is AvaSocial. 

Through community channels, users can communicate with other traders and ask questions about specific trading techniques, learn more about the cryptocurrency markets, or find a trading mentor. 

It is therefore a fantastic tool for novices.


Customer Support

AvaTrade provides top-notch customer service through a number of linguistic choices. Live chat, email, a FAQ page, social media, faxing, and phone calls are all available.

Numerous languages and nations are served by telephone help, including 21 distinct European nations, two African nations, six Asian nations, four South American nations, two Middle Eastern nations, and Australia.

Local customer service representatives provide timely, helpful assistance. Customers can receive local Friedberg Direct customer services thanks to a recent partnership in Canada, for instance.


Deposit & Withdrawal


  • Deposits 
  • Withdrawal



AvaTrade provides its customers with a range of deposit alternatives.

  • Credit cards (VISA 
  • MasterCard, debit) 
  • Bank Wire Transfers
  • Paypal 
  • Skrill 
  • WebMoney

Can all be used by traders to fund their accounts.

The first deposit requirement to start an account is just $100.



The same techniques used for deposits can be used for withdrawals by traders. The processing of withdrawal requests may take up to 5 business days.

Withdrawals will be processed and finished as soon as the methods support them. 

The Ava Debit Mastercard, which traders can apply for once they’ve opened an account, is the quickest way to withdraw money.


AVATRADE Day Trading Tools


  • AVAProtect
  • Trading Central


Education: The AvaTrade education centre is first-rate. Given that it includes movies, eBooks, tutorials, glossaries, and other materials, it might be the best one we’ve ever seen. 

On their website, there is a whole part devoted to instructing its traders. Additionally, day traders will find the entire website to be quite useful.

Trading Tools: AvaTrade has a tonne of tools designed specifically for successful day traders. 

Their automated trading software bundles, which are fantastic for day trading, are one of their most outstanding features.

Range of assets: This brokerage is excellent for both new and seasoned day traders because of the wide variety of assets available.

Free Trading Coaching Course: Free trading courses were part of the latest campaign for the relationship with Manchester City Football Club. 

You may get more information here: Online trading course at MCFC.

AvaTrade has also unveiled a few new trading tools and services that are especially beneficial.



Customers can receive their money back on unsuccessful trades thanks to the company’s special AvaProtect feature. 

Investors can safeguard a trade against losses of up to $1 million over a certain time using the user-friendly risk management tool. The only cost to clients is a minor hedging fee.

The broker’s unique trading platforms include AvaProtect, which may be activated in a few simple steps. 

It only takes a few steps for traders to confirm the fee and expiry trade, choose the instrument, click the AvaProtect icon, and select the term of protection.


Trading Central

Trading Central and AvaTrade have joined to offer robust technical analysis tools and market information. 

Based on trading plans created by seasoned analysts at Trading Central, clients can make wise investment decisions.

A daily strategy newsletter, user-friendly pattern recognition technology, a plethora of advanced indicators on 115 currency charts, and more are all accessible through the platform. 

For investors interested in fundamental analysis, Trading Central also keeps track over 7000 media sources.


The AVATRADE Spreads

At Avatrade, spreads are competitive, and they are continually being lowered. The company has made great achievements, particularly in the cryptocurrency business.

After being cut by 50% only recently, spreads on bitcoin trades have now been reduced by another third, according to an announcement. 

Brokers might be more daring with spreads as they grow more confident in the market’s liquidity.


Get trading with AVATRADE in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create AVATRADE Account Click Here


Questions about AVATRADE


  • Is AVATRADE a trustworthy company?
  • Are AVATRADE’s practises regulated?
  • What is the AVATRADE minimum deposit amount?
  • AVATRADE is a market maker, right?
  • When can I withdraw money from AVATRADE?
  • What is leverage in AVATRADE?
  • What methods are there for making deposits at AVATRADE?


Is AVATRADE a trustworthy company?

Yes. Legitimate FX and CFD brokers include Avatrade. The brand is subject to regulation all across the world, notably in South Africa, Australia, and Europe.


Are AVATRADE’s practises regulated?

The brand is indeed governed globally:

The Central Bank of Ireland oversees AVA Trade EU Ltd.

The ASIC oversees Ava Capital Markets Australia Pty Ltd.

The South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority oversees Ava Capital Markets Pty (FSCA ).

Ava Trade Japan K.K. is subject to FSA (No. 1662) and FFAJ regulation in Japan (No.1574).

Abu Dhabi also regulates Avatrade.


What is the AVATRADE minimum deposit amount?

You can start an Avatrade account with $100 (or £100 or €100).


AVATRADE is a market maker, right?

Avatrade is not a market maker; rather, it is a broker.


When can I withdraw money from AVATRADE?

Withdrawals from Avatrade are processed in 1 day. However, it can occasionally take longer for funds to actually clear when using other withdrawal methods.

Up to five business days with credit/debit cards.

24/7 for e-wallets.

Up to 10 business days for wire transfers.

Delays in wire transfers frequently depend on the nation and bank involved.


What is leverage in AVATRADE?

Leverage at Avatrade varies depending on the asset and the trader’s country of origin.

Leverage is capped to 1:30 in the EU and UK according to European regulations.

1:400 is the non-EU limit.

If traders are located in Europe, a professional account might be able to offer more leverage.


What methods are there for making deposits at AVATRADE?

Credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, debit), bank wire transfers, and a variety of e-wallets, including Paypal, Skrill, NETELLER, and WebMoney, can all be used to make deposits.


Get trading with AVATRADE in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create AVATRADE Account Click Here


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