Currency Converter

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Do you need to know the exact exchange rate between the Euro and the US Dollar for a business transaction? Perhaps you’d want to know how much GBP you’d need to convert to Euro for a shopping weekend in Paris? What is the current value of XRP in relation to the USD?

Use MiladFX Currency Converter to correctly convert Euro to USD and many more pairs, including the conversion of major cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies, using MiladFX always-updated, live interbank rate feed (use live data from the main crypto exchanges).

Get the most up-to-date exchange rate for any major currency pair in a matter of seconds. MiladFX Currency Converter Calculator is an excellent tool for traders who invest in international stock exchanges that trade in many currencies. Convert multiple base currencies, cryptocurrencies, gold, and silver to the required currency with precision.

What Is the Currency Converter Calculator and How Do I Use It?

Mike, from the United Kingdom, is spending the weekend in Amsterdam. He’ll need the EUR currency to spend while touring the city while he’s away. 

After doing some research, he discovered that he will require approximately 850 EUR to cover museum fees, buses and taxis, souvenirs, and dining. Now he needs to figure out how much GBP to convert to EUR for the weekend.

Select the ISO code of the required currency in this area. There are a variety of alternatives, including major forex crosses, minor pairs, and the most prominent cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, Stellar and Ripple). Gold and silver are also available. In this scenario, I will go with EUR.

To: I enter the ISO code of the currency to be exchanged in this area. Major and minor FX crosses, the most popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, Stellar, and Ripple), Gold, and Silver are all available. I’m shall use GBP as an example.

Amount: Mike thinks he’ll need around 850 EUR for his weekend away, therefore I’m put 850 in this field as an example.

I’m now press the “Calculate” button.

The following are the outcomes: The Currency Converter displays the outcome using a real market rate feed. In this scenario, 850 EUR had an exact market worth of £766.77 at an exchange rate of 0.90208 EUR/GBP, which is the amount Mike needed to exchange to EUR for his brief stay in Amsterdam.

The Currency Converter Calculator can also be used to determine the value of any amount in a base currency when converted to a different currency. Let’s imagine you have 11,250 USD in your bank account and want to know how much it is in Japanese yen.

Select USD in the first field (From), JPY in the second box (To), then enter the amount (11,250) and press “Calculate.” With the current USD/JPY conversion rate of 103.42200, $10,000 USD is equivalent to JP 1,163,497.50.