Economic Calendar

Economic Calendar for the Foreign Exchange Market

Explore crucial global economic events on the horizon with MiladFX real-time Economic Calendar, which could gradually affect or significantly shake up the financial markets.

What is the Economic Calendar for Forex?

The Forex Economic Calendar is a tool used by traders and investors all over the world to keep track of major news events, economic indicators, statistics, and reports that could impact the foreign exchange market. News analysis is used by many traders to arrange their trades around these market-moving events.

What is the Forex Economic Calendar and How Do I Use It?

MiladFX Forex Economic Calendar can be entirely customised to assist you keep track of the specific facts you’re looking for. Apply filters to tailor findings and fit your strategy by selecting certain time zones and currencies of interest.

Are you more interested in commodities, stocks, or indices? Aside from the forex markets, MiladFX economic calendar lists important financial events that you can use to trade these markets. You may also learn more about global trends by reading MiladFX most recent news and analysis pieces. Learn how to interpret the economic calendar in greater detail.