How To Start Trading With AVATRADE Broker (My Review) 


What’s up Traders, in this article, we’re going to be talking about How To Start Trading With AVATRADE Broker (Forex, CFD & Crypto).

With more than 200,000 loyal customers worldwide, AvaTrade is a well-known broker with a global presence. 

Regardless of user expertise or experience, a registered forex broker operating across 5 continents offers consumers advanced trading solutions by enabling access to the market through a wide range of flexible platforms, tools, and choices.

Ava is a multinational corporation that has regional offices all over the world but has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. 

As well as companies in South Africa, Chile, Mongolia, Nigeria, and a recently established UAE brokerage, these include companies in Paris, Dublin, Milan, Madrid, Tokyo, Beijing, and Sydney.

Leading global forex broker AvaTrade is a member of the AVA Group of businesses. AvaTrade is one of the first internet brokerages, having been formed in 2006. 

The trading platforms, mobile app, payment options, and MT4 integration are covered in full in this article. 

I will contrast trading fees, spreads, and leverage as well. Whatever you wish to trade, from Bitcoin to standard options, determine if Avatrade will work for you.

A total of four offices for the business are currently spread throughout the globe: one each in Japan, Australia, Ireland, and the British Virgin Islands. 

AvaTrade, one of the biggest and most reputable online brokerages in the world, accepts customers from a wide range of geographical areas and trading accounts in many different currencies.

In a recent announcement, the company additionally highlighted the expansion and visibility of the brand by announcing a significant collaboration with English Premier League champion Manchester City.


Regulation & Reputation


  • Available Trading Platform Types
  • Offering Trading Accounts
  • Bonuses & Promotions
  • Assets & Instruments
  • AVASocial
  • Customer Support
  • Deposit & Withdrawal
  • AVATRADE Day Trading Tools
  • The AVATRADE Spreads

It is crucial to select a forex broker that is licenced and regulated by a respectable regulatory body because this helps to establish the reliability and expertise of the firm. 

*Given that it is overseen by numerous international regulatory bodies, AvaTrade is unquestionably a trustworthy business.

*Under licence #C53877, the Central Bank of Ireland oversees the broker’s operations in Europe.

*The broker has an ASIC licence #406684 to operate in Australia.

*The broker is authorised in Japan by the FSA and the FFA, respectively, with licences #1662 and 1574.

*The broker has licence #45984 from the FSCA for South Africa.

*The broker has licence #190018 from the Financial Regulatory Services Authority (FRSA) of Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM) for the Middle East.

*The broker has an Israel Securities Authority licence with the ID number 514666577.

You can trade with confidence at AvaTrade because it is one of the most reputable and trustworthy online brokerages in the business. 

Numerous accolades like “Best Customer Support,” “Best Alert System,” “Best Financial Derivative Trading Provider,” and “Best Forex Broker YEAR” have been given to the business.

The company has recently expanded its business in Canada thanks to a partnership with Friedberg Direct. 

A branch of the Friedberg Mercantile Group Ltd., Friedberg Direct is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF), the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC), and the majority of Canadian Exchanges. 

The main office of Friedberg Mercantile Group Ltd. is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at 181 Bay Street, Suite 250.


Available Trading Platform Types

The variety of trading platforms offered by AvaTrade is among its most amazing features. 

Whether you’re a novice trader, an expert trader, or something else entirely, there is absolutely something for everyone here. The platforms provided by AvaTrade are as follows:

  • MetaTrader 4 platform
  • MetaTrader 5 platform
  • Meta Trader for Mac
  • Meta Trader for trading on mobile (Download the Avatrade app directly here)
  • Web trading with Meta Trader
  • The AvaTradeAct platform (Proprietary Platform)

AvaTrade offers a variety of automated trading softwares in addition to these platforms to meet the needs of everyone. The subsequent are:

  • MQL5 Signal Service
  • API Trading
  • Duplitrade


Offering Trading Accounts

By providing the majority of traders with just two account types, AvaTrade keeps things straightforward with their accounts. Both a regular account and a trial account. 

Via credit cards, a standard account can be started for as low as $100, or for $500 using wire transfers.

Muslim traders are catered to by providing “swap free accounts,” which function in compliance with the Islamic Sharia Principle of interest-free trading, in addition to the two normal accounts.

Professional traders can also open MAM accounts to easily handle multiple client accounts. These accounts have the following characteristics:

*Possibilty of establishing many sub-trading groups.

*There are all MT4 order types accessible, including stops, limits, and close.

*Compatible expert advisors (EAs).

*Lowest lot size is 0.01 lots.

*Various allocation criteria.

*Placing orders for countless client accounts.

*Placing trade orders from a master account.

Additionally, AvaTrade provides negative balance insurance. This guarantees that customers can only lose their account balance. 

The brokerage will immediately repay the difference through a “negative balance adjustment” if the market moves against the client to the point that the trader is placed in a negative balance position.


Note: I’ll earn a referral fee (No any extra fee for you) if you sign up with them. But they are reliable in my opinion (as of this writing). I always want and find the best for you so that you don’t get into trouble.


Bonuses & Promotions

Bonuses might be accessible depending on where you are; for more information, get in touch with AvaTrade.


Assets & Instruments

Once again, AvaTrade succeeds in providing traders with a broad selection of financial trading products. The freedom of investors to trade:

Forex: Over 50 currency pairings, including all majors, minors, and numerous exotics, are accessible around-the-clock, every day of the week. 

With leverage of up to 400:1, traders can take advantage of competitive spreads as low as 0.8 pips.

Cryptocurrency: Traders can trade nine different cryptocurrencies with up to 20:1 leverage (not available in Canada or the UK). These currently include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Ripple.

Commodities, Indices, Bonds, Stocks, ETFs: For trading various financial assets, AvaTrade traders benefit from the largest leverage as well as extremely competitive and low spreads.

Options: Avatrade has democratised trading options so that investors of all expertise levels can participate. 

For individuals who are interested in using the product, the new options trading platform makes vanilla options less complicated and offers a variety of choices.


Get trading with AVATRADE in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create AVATRADE Account Click Here



Customers of the broker AvaTrade can now download AvaSocial, the platform for social and copy trading. 

The mobile app, which is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, enables users to copy the transactions of profitable investors.

Users can choose to use a completely automated service or trade manually based on market cues. The currency, stock, crypto, and commodities markets all offer round-the-clock trading.

Another top-notch social trading platform is AvaSocial. 

Through community channels, users can communicate with other traders and ask questions about specific trading techniques, learn more about the cryptocurrency markets, or find a trading mentor. 

It is therefore a fantastic tool for novices.


Customer Support

AvaTrade provides top-notch customer service through a number of linguistic choices. Live chat, email, a FAQ page, social media, faxing, and phone calls are all available.

Numerous languages and nations are served by telephone help, including 21 distinct European nations, two African nations, six Asian nations, four South American nations, two Middle Eastern nations, and Australia.

Local customer service representatives provide timely, helpful assistance. Customers can receive local Friedberg Direct customer services thanks to a recent partnership in Canada, for instance.


Deposit & Withdrawal


  • Deposits 
  • Withdrawal



AvaTrade provides its customers with a range of deposit alternatives.

  • Credit cards (VISA 
  • MasterCard, debit) 
  • Bank Wire Transfers
  • Paypal 
  • Skrill 
  • WebMoney

Can all be used by traders to fund their accounts.

The first deposit requirement to start an account is just $100.



The same techniques used for deposits can be used for withdrawals by traders. The processing of withdrawal requests may take up to 5 business days.

Withdrawals will be processed and finished as soon as the methods support them. 

The Ava Debit Mastercard, which traders can apply for once they’ve opened an account, is the quickest way to withdraw money.


AVATRADE Day Trading Tools


  • AVAProtect
  • Trading Central


Education: The AvaTrade education centre is first-rate. Given that it includes movies, eBooks, tutorials, glossaries, and other materials, it might be the best one we’ve ever seen. 

On their website, there is a whole part devoted to instructing its traders. Additionally, day traders will find the entire website to be quite useful.

Trading Tools: AvaTrade has a tonne of tools designed specifically for successful day traders. 

Their automated trading software bundles, which are fantastic for day trading, are one of their most outstanding features.

Range of assets: This brokerage is excellent for both new and seasoned day traders because of the wide variety of assets available.

Free Trading Coaching Course: Free trading courses were part of the latest campaign for the relationship with Manchester City Football Club. 

You may get more information here: Online trading course at MCFC.

AvaTrade has also unveiled a few new trading tools and services that are especially beneficial.



Customers can receive their money back on unsuccessful trades thanks to the company’s special AvaProtect feature. 

Investors can safeguard a trade against losses of up to $1 million over a certain time using the user-friendly risk management tool. The only cost to clients is a minor hedging fee.

The broker’s unique trading platforms include AvaProtect, which may be activated in a few simple steps. 

It only takes a few steps for traders to confirm the fee and expiry trade, choose the instrument, click the AvaProtect icon, and select the term of protection.


Trading Central

Trading Central and AvaTrade have joined to offer robust technical analysis tools and market information. 

Based on trading plans created by seasoned analysts at Trading Central, clients can make wise investment decisions.

A daily strategy newsletter, user-friendly pattern recognition technology, a plethora of advanced indicators on 115 currency charts, and more are all accessible through the platform. 

For investors interested in fundamental analysis, Trading Central also keeps track over 7000 media sources.


The AVATRADE Spreads

At Avatrade, spreads are competitive, and they are continually being lowered. The company has made great achievements, particularly in the cryptocurrency business.

After being cut by 50% only recently, spreads on bitcoin trades have now been reduced by another third, according to an announcement. 

Brokers might be more daring with spreads as they grow more confident in the market’s liquidity.


Get trading with AVATRADE in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create AVATRADE Account Click Here


Questions about AVATRADE


  • Is AVATRADE a trustworthy company?
  • Are AVATRADE’s practises regulated?
  • What is the AVATRADE minimum deposit amount?
  • AVATRADE is a market maker, right?
  • When can I withdraw money from AVATRADE?
  • What is leverage in AVATRADE?
  • What methods are there for making deposits at AVATRADE?

Is AVATRADE a trustworthy company?

Yes. Legitimate FX and CFD brokers include Avatrade. The brand is subject to regulation all across the world, notably in South Africa, Australia, and Europe.


Are AVATRADE’s practises regulated?

The brand is indeed governed globally:

The Central Bank of Ireland oversees AVA Trade EU Ltd.

The ASIC oversees Ava Capital Markets Australia Pty Ltd.

The South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority oversees Ava Capital Markets Pty (FSCA ).

Ava Trade Japan K.K. is subject to FSA (No. 1662) and FFAJ regulation in Japan (No.1574).

Abu Dhabi also regulates Avatrade.


What is the AVATRADE minimum deposit amount?

You can start an Avatrade account with $100 (or £100 or €100).


AVATRADE is a market maker, right?

Avatrade is not a market maker; rather, it is a broker.


When can I withdraw money from AVATRADE?

Withdrawals from Avatrade are processed in 1 day. However, it can occasionally take longer for funds to actually clear when using other withdrawal methods.

Up to five business days with credit/debit cards.

24/7 for e-wallets.

Up to 10 business days for wire transfers.

Delays in wire transfers frequently depend on the nation and bank involved.


What is leverage in AVATRADE?

Leverage at Avatrade varies depending on the asset and the trader’s country of origin.

Leverage is capped to 1:30 in the EU and UK according to European regulations.

1:400 is the non-EU limit.

If traders are located in Europe, a professional account might be able to offer more leverage.


What methods are there for making deposits at AVATRADE?

Credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, debit), bank wire transfers, and a variety of e-wallets, including Paypal, Skrill, NETELLER, and WebMoney, can all be used to make deposits.


Get trading with AVATRADE in 3 easy steps

Register: Apply online to complete your registration and verification.

Fund: Make your first deposit to start placing orders.

Trade: Your account is all set up!


For Create AVATRADE Account Click Here


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